Saturday, 30 October 2010

Autumn Adventures

Before I begin this post I would like to take a minute to THANK Linda of My Hearts Desire for making my banner that you now see on my blog. I have been meaning to do it for some time but something else always comes up. Linda was kind enough to make one for me and I am so grateful to her for her kindness.

Now all the fun things we have been doing while visiting my parents this Autumn

Painting pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins this is always Daddy's job!

Attending a Halloween parade in town.
Princess is a dragon princess (she fall in love with this costume at the store because it has it has a dragon on it) She loves dragons!
Little Man chose a Batman costume because he is a super hero!

I have really been enjoying all the fall colors. The tree leaves are just beautiful and I have missed that living in England. We have been going for walks to enjoy the scenery and the weather has been spectacular since we have arrived.


  1. Anna-Marie, it was my pleasure making the banner for you. It gave me a chance to play with a new tool. I am so happy you like it.
    I did not realize that fall is different in England. I know it rains a lot there, but maybe you can share more about the weather there sometime.
    I am glad you and your children are enjoying your visit with your parents.
    Have a wonderful weekend. {I clicked a vote for you}

  2. Wow very pretty Fall pics I love pumpkin carving too!! Oh and I can't hit the follow button I already did last week lol (didn't stop me from trying though)

  3. Hi Anna-Marie!
    I just saw your facebook message and hopped on your blog quickly! Love the Autumn pics and your new banner from Lynda! I just made a quick post about a link to a pumpkin prayer on my blog :)
    Clicked a vote for you and still having a busy weekend :)

  4. You didn't mention all the costumes they had where I was saying "no way is my daughter wearing that, but I wouldn't mind seeing you in that costume".......

    Lynda, I describe the weather here as "eternal fall", for the most part, or reasonably moderate. It rains a lot, but not much at a single time (some parts near us qualify as semi-desert, since they only get 20" of rain a year). The temperatures rarely drop below 25-30 in the winter and rarely above 80 in the summer.

  5. Thank you wulfgar878. I have always wanted to travel to England and that part of the world. Isn't it ironic that Americans long to visit and/or live in the European countries, and they long to visit and/or live here. Anna-Marie, you have the best of both. :) I clicked a vote for you.

  6. Hi Anna-Marie!
    I forgot to tell you on my previous post that I love your kid's costumes! So cute! I hope you had fun trick or treating! We had a fun night with friends! I clicked a vote for you tonight!