Saturday, 25 September 2010

Week in Review

We have been super busy here. We are wrapping up school and preparing for our trip back to the states which we are all very excited about. Schoolwork has been a bit lighter with us completing projects and missed work from last week due attending 2 home schooling field trips.

Reading: Princess has been reading out loud 1001 Arabian Nights and we made it up to chapter 16 before having to turn the book back into the library. We will have to pick it back up when we return. Independently she is reading Percy Jackson's The Battle of the Labyrinth.

Little Man has begun reading out loud the new series " Wright on Time" Arizona. This is the new book written by a homeschooling Mom for homeschoolers. We are reading one chapter a day. This book is pretty challenging for Little Man but he is following the plot and amazing me with his ability to sound out the harder words. Although his understanding of some of the larger vocabulary is still questionable so we are taking our time and defining a lot of words as we read and then doing some discussing. Independently he read his first chapter book level 3 Batman reader. He was so proud of himself.

Spanish: Still working on our Spanish lesson from Power Speak. We are a week behind the recommended schedule so we will have to try to fit this in during our holiday somehow, in order to stay on schedule.

Piano: I still love the Piano lessons we are using: Pianimals. I just purchased and received the Holiday music book and the kids have been practicing learning Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas songs. What I love about this program I often find the kids going to the Piano on their own through the day to practice the songs or try to learn the songs ahead of schedule. The kids are so proud of themselves if the learn the song on their own.

Embroidery: Both have finally completed their projects. We had to stop and start so many times...this project drag on much longer than I anticipated.

But didn't they turn out great.

AAS: After getting some advice I have now split the children up with their lessons and slowing down Little Mans lesson by spreading out one lesson for a week. While Princess is still completing one lesson a day. I had hoped to have completed book one with Princess before leaving on Holiday but that doesn't look like it will happen.

Math: Using workbooks for both children along with games and concentrating on fractions for Princess and counting money for Little Man. Neither one likes Math or the workbooks so I need to look into some other ways of making math fun. I have put it on my to do list.

Little Man has been wearing his spider man costume all week:) I downloaded the fraction flash card from Have Fun Teaching. I am sorry but I can't remember where I downloaded the money game:(.

History: We have been watching the Liberty Kids series. We have been discussing the Revolutionary War. We will be visiting Williamsburg, VA in a couple of weeks and I would like the kids to understand what it is they will be seeing. I had hope to do a lap book but there wasn't time. I figure we will have to get back to this topic later so the lap book will wait. For for now we have been watching the shows and discussing what we have learned very informally. If you haven't heard of this movie series it is very good for children. My children have really enjoyed the series and often ask to watch a show again.

Projects: Little Man finally completed his "All Abut Me" Lapbook which I got free from Live & Learn Press.
Princess has finally completed her "Mythological Creature" lapbook from Hands of a Child.

In addition to their school work I have been frantically doing laundry, blogging:), organizing school material to take with us, and packing. I am looking forward to our Holiday! I promised the kids and my husband no school for the week we are in Disney. After that we will be doing school on the road:). I will let you know how that goes:)


  1. I love the embroidery! What will they do with them now? Hang them or use them on a pillow or do you have some other creative idea? I've never done embroidery, but have been thinking of taking it up lately.

  2. Great post Anna-Marie! Looks like alot of fun ideas and curriculum! Love the embroidery too! Your kids did a great job!
    Have fun traveling! Voted for you today!

  3. Popped over from the workboxing e-group. Our kids also love Liberty Kids series!

  4. Thanks Maureen, Tracy and Jill for stopping by and commenting. I have been on holiday so difficult to get back to my blog at the moment.We are taking a small break from school to have a holiday in the states will post about our trip soon;0

  5. I hope you had a wonderful time in Williamsburg. The weather has been great here...we are in Gloucester, just a few miles away. I will be interested to see your posts on your trip!