Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Geography Swap

I met another home schooler thru the bogging world and we are doing a swap. I live in the UK and she was looking for some items that best represented the country we live in. I volunteered to send a few things from England and Germany as we were going to be going there on holiday. So this is what I sent:

England items: Castle rock candy, red telephone tin with tea, eraser with a big red double bus, pencil, Paddington Bear bookmark, mini book on London, British flag pin (don't know why but finding a flag was hard), postcards from the Cambridge area (we live close by), brochures of some of the most popular London sites and some UK coins.

From Germany: Euro coins, postcards, pin of German flag (again could not find a flag) English brochures of some of the sites we visited and a small hedge hog which were in every little shop I visited. I don't know if that was a symbol of the county we were in or just an autumn decoration that was out in the shops.

We are excited to see what is sent to us. I hope to use the items for our US geography notebooking.

If anyone is wanting to do this exchange let me know maybe we can work something out:).


  1. That's a fun idea! I'm just another blogger in the U.S. so I have nothing new to offer. Plus hubby travels to the UK and picks up lots of cool things for us (my favorite things all start with "Cad" and end with "bury"). It would be cool to "meet" people from places like Africa!

  2. Hi Anna-Marie!
    This geography swap looks so neat! It looks like you sent some interesting treasures!
    I clicked a vote for you today (Tuesday).
    I hope you are enjoying your trip so far :)

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  4. Hi Anna-Marie!
    I passed on another blog award onto you!
    Check it out here:

  5. HI Anna-Marie!
    It's Monday, Oct. 4 and I'm dropping in to say Hi and that I clicked another vote for you!
    See you soon! :)

  6. Thanks Maureen, Tracy and Melissa, it was so much fun shopping. It is so hard to chose just a couple of things that represent England.

  7. We are doing a state postcard geography swap and you are welcome to follow along and see our postcards online at http://blessing-farm.blogspot.com/ each Wednesday.

    Our most recent one is here: http://blessing-farm.blogspot.com/2010/10/where-in-world-wednesday.html

    I saw your link on the curr click site.