Friday, 11 September 2020

Weekly Wrap Up 9/11/20 -- odd and ends

 Firedrake appears to be doing fine at college, she is calling weekly and texting occasionally.   Seems to be getting along well with her roommate.  We have found out that the college has had about 12 cases of covid since the start of school:(. However Firedrake is wearing her mask and trying to social distant.  Which makes making friends rather difficult outside of her dorm room.  

She sent us this picture.  She found a ferret which was someone's emotional support animal at college.

Elvis the cat is coming around more often to visit with us.  He was very lonely the first few days Firedrake was  gone, spending all of his time in his cat tree ignoring everyone.  I guess he finally decided we were better than nothing:). 

Made my husband very happy.  Elvis still won't sit in my lap but he will let me pet him for a few minutes.  He much prefers my husband and son over me!  

Getting further along on my lamp.  It has been fitted to the mold and now I have to foil and solder it all.  Still a ways to go.

 I am working on my first glass sculpture piece using stain glass.  My husband wanted a Road Runner as it is his dream to retire to New Mexico, and he wanted something to display in his office.   I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try building a slightly different type of glass work.  It is not done as I plan to add a lizard and a few cacti to the wood.  I am still trying to figure out how to assemble it so it doesn't have any weak points.  It is a fun new challenge!

A few months ago our dog Luna had a back injury, we aren't sure how it happened but after consulting with the vet he said no more jumping on and off furniture and beds.  Easier said than done.  My husband went out and bought a rather expensive orthopedic dog bed and we have spent months trying to get her to use it.
Luna will have nothing to do with this bed.  We have tried putting her favorite blanket in the bed to encourage use and she will actually remove the blanket from the bed.  

The cat, Elvis, has decided that this is now his bed and the dog doesn't seem to mind

As much as we would like to follow the Vet's guidance for no jumping on and off furniture that is impossible to do!  Every time my back is turned,  Luna hops up on what she considers her chair in the living room.  Sigh, at least her back seems to be better and she is not in any more pain for now.  

However Luna will use her bed in the schoolroom and that is where she likes to be when I am upstairs.  I tried moving this bed down stairs but then she refuses to use it.  Stubborn dog!!

I found a low calorie recipe for cheese cake.  I was skeptical that it would be any good but it surprised me!  

I made my first ever cheesecake

It turned out perfectly, while it won't compete with the Cheesecake Factory it is a good substitute :). Even my husband liked it!

Yummy!  I added some low sugar cherry pie filling on top.  I am keeping this recipe for sure

On Labor day, my husband and I went on a drive through the country.  We haven't been out of the house except for weekly shopping trips in what seems like forever.  We are both starting to feel like this pandemic will never go away and since we live in a very RED part of the country there are plenty of idiots around challenging those of us who want to social distance and wear masks.  It was a nice day and a lovely day. 

On our drive we rescue three terrapins crossing the road!  We think they were 3 toed box turtles but not sure. 

While Firedrake is away at college I took a couple of days to sort/clean out her bedroom.  I now know where all my rulers, scissors,  spoons and apple charging cords have been disappearing too!!!!  I even found a plate, fork and knife under her desk!  I have a huge pile of papers on her bed for her to sort through when she returns home!  Firedrake is a bit of a pack rat never wanting to throw anything out....hmmm wonder where she got that from;) 

I had a colonoscopy this week, that wasn't very fun but I have reached that age!  Next week I will post what MarioFan is working on in school as we are now at full speed with all his online classes beginning!  

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