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Weekly Wrap UP 7/31/20---Curriculum choices for 11th grade 2020-2021

I find myself only having to home school one child this year, since my daughter is going off to college next week!  I have been working on putting MarioFan's course work and I think we have made all of the decisions and I have order all of the supplies/curriculum we will need.  I do allow MarioFan to have some input but there are some things he just has to do:)!

We will not be attending our local Co-op this year due to the pandemic and people not wearing masks and that there are members of my family who are high risk.  So we are looking at a lot more online options this year.

So without further ado our plan for this year!

11th grade curriculum choices.

English (1 credit) --We are using Lightening Literature focusing on British literature this year.  I am also going to add in some Shakespeare plays and sonnets.  I will be using the site: Course hero and their study guides in addition to the Lightening Literature program.  I found out about Course Hero last year and we used it quite a bit and love their videos and analysis of the novels/plays.  I will also be including vocabulary and using a grammar program

I was lucky to get this free so am just need to buy the books.  I did decide to skip some of the books (as they wouldn't appeal to MarioFan--like Jane Eyre and pride and prejudice, so I can fit in more Shakespeare plays and sonnets.

This is my Shakespeare book from High school!  I still have all my notes and remember loving this class in High school because I had an amazing teacher who taught it!  Hope I can teach it as well as she did 30+ years ago!

Vocabulary -- 11th grade World wise

Grammar  Easy Grammar 11th grade

Science (1 credit )-- Chemistry which will be done online through Outschool and will include labs and tests.   I will also supplement with Crash Course videos if they are needed.  I also purchased the great courses video series on Chemistry last year so it will be available if more teaching is needed for certain areas.

the class is using this book and will be done in a 3 part series of classes.  total cost for the class is about $600

 Math (1 Credit)-- We are using Teaching textbooks Algebra 2 as it seems to work with MarioFan.  I am still trying to find a hard copy of the textbook as my son prefers it to the book being online.  However he will be doing the online version for the actual problems. 

Social Studies (.5 credit)--We are doing this class also through outschool.  This class is being done the first semester.  I will be using Crash course videos for Economics to supplement in addition to a few other books that will help beef up the course and make it worth half credit.

outschool class will be using these books

I will be using this book as well to supplement the course work if it is needed

 US Government (.5 credit)-- I will be doing this class on my own during the second semester and will be using Crash course in addition to a following the books below and the curriculum someone else created.  I was able to download a curriculum from one of the many homeschooling groups I belong too with their permission:)
The curriculum also suggests some movies to watch and books to read that are related to learning more about our system of government

I also have this video series that we will be looking into as well.
another book I will be using as needed to assist with the course

 ELECTIVES this year will include:

Sociology (.5 credit)--I am going to use some of the crash courses videos and well as this book as a spine

 Electronics/computer skills(1 credit) -- we are using 42 electronics and are on book D.  This program also includes python coding. 
Supplies came in and he will be building a moving robot car that takes pictures.
I also order a soldering kit and have several LED kits that he will learn to solder together.
Additional soldering supplies and soldering mat. 
My husband also plans to start instructing MarioFan on some GIS programs.  Bradley is really interested in computers and electronics and keeps saying he wants to enter this field.  So we are trying to introduce him to many different types of computer and electronic skills so he can narrow down his ideas for what he wants to go to college for.

Spanish 3 (1 credit)-- this one is a tough one as we are not going to be attending Co-op this year due to the virus.  So I have narrowed down, but have not selected which course of action we will take.  Currently looking at Outschool Spanish classes, Spanish Homeschool Academy or a private tutor/class.   I am in the process of talking to several people to determine which on will work for us and hoping to pin down a class option before the end of August.  This has so far been my greatest headache scheduling. 

Piano (.5 credit)-- MarioFan is continuing  private tutoring sessions and  participates in several competitions each year.

Total credits for this year will be 6.5 credits.

If we have time we will look into doing a personal Finance class for .5 credits but I may hold off until next year,simply because I don't know how much time will be needed for his online courses during the week.   

If you have any curriculum suggestions for personal finance let me know in the comments below.
Someone gave me this program but I am still exploring other options as I am not a huge fan of Dave Ramsey. 
If we do personal finance that will bring MarioFan's total credits for the year to 7.

MarioFan opted not to take driver's education this year wanting to wait until his senior year!  Since his sister, Firedrake is taking the spare car with her to college and both my husband and my car are not 100% paid off so we are happy he decided to wait a year;)!

We have another packed year and I am still fine tuning my lesson plans/outline for the year.  We don't plan on beginning until the end of August after we get Firedrake settled in college which will be the middle of August.  I really foresee me not being super involved in a lot of his schooling this year.  Last year was a real turning point and he demonstrated that he was more than able and willing to do a lot of his work on his own and he did it well.  I will probably only need to teach  Literature for the year and US government next semester and just assist as needed for all the other subjects.

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