Friday, 26 June 2020

Weekly Wrap UP 6/26/20 -- keeping busy with craft and my birthday

It was my birthday about two weeks ago and I got a very pleasant surprise!

I have been shopping for an elderly woman in the community ever since lock down and she delivered a cake and flowers for my birthday.  So sweet 

The kids had baked me a cake so I got two cakes for my birthday!!!
For my birthday I asked my husband to help me lay down edging along the front garden.  My husband hates doing yard work of any kind so this was very impressive that he followed though although he would have much preferred to have paid someone else to do it! 

 We are still not sure if Firedrake is heading off to college this fall, however she had wanted to get a fish to take with her.  After buying the fish bowl she researched and discover fish bowls are really not that great of an option for the fish so we decided to turn it into a succulent terrarium.  She can place this on her window sill at the college and care for it.  

She added a few shells and fossil stones we have laying around the house.

Currently it is in the window in the kitchen and we are hoping we can keep it alive and get it to college with her come this fall

With my Mom visiting we have been working on a few glass projects she wanted to get done.
It has been so nice here we brought up all the supplies and work on the deck.  I might do this more often as it has been very nice

First project completed.  Lawn ornament.  She had a wrought iron bird and we just added so glass to it to really make it pop out. 
We are also working on a glass spinner and a new to me project 3 feathers made of glass on a stick.  I found the patterns free on line and an old piece of wood which we polyurethane we plan to hang the feathers from it.  Should look nice in her yard.

My Mom has also been helping me get my yard back in shape.  I am not much for gardening whereas that is my Mother's passion.  She is always looking at improving my yard, giving me advice and helping me in the yard.  I get as much done while she is here and then once she leaves I forget to finish, hence the reason my yard is never as nice as the neighbors:(.

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  1. I struggle with the yard too. It really isn't my passion and yet I have an acre to deal with day in and day out. Ugg. Happy birthday. Two cakes and a visit from mom makes for a great birthday.
    Blessings, Dawn