Friday, 22 May 2020

Weekly Wrap Up 5/22/20 -- Modified Quarentine activities

So the state and our little town have set some new standards for going out in public.  My family still feels that it is not safe so we remain safe within our home only going out once a week for shopping.  Luckily my husband can still work from home and only travels to work once a week. 

In two weeks my oldest was to graduate from High School but as the rest of the class of 2020 her graduation ceremony is not being held.  I did order her a cap and gown from the coop, way before this pandemic started and it arrived.  I was able to get Senior pictures done at a local park, we were very careful about social distancing!

The park wasn't very crowded.  While taking pictures a couple walked past and clapped and cheer for my daughter which I thought was very kind.  

I have been trying lots of new recipes at home and most have been very successful with at least 3 out of the 4 family members.  Can't seem to please them all at the same time.
I made a one tray meal with lots of fresh veggies and sausage.  It was very good.  You can check out the recipe from this site .

I have been spending time in the glass studio and working on several projects.
I am making this for my son.  It is his favorite pokemon character, according to my daughter.  I plan to have this completed by his birthday

Working on a new garden stake for my garden. 

Continuing to cut out pieces for my new lamp shade.  Unfortunately I don't have enough glass for the back ground so I need to run to the glass shop at some point.

For Mother's Day my family spoiled me quite nicely. 
My husband cooked a fantastic dinner for me
dessert was yummy.

My daughter made me a picture and told me all the pokemon characters represent me in some way.  It was so sweet, I actually cried.  My son made me a hand made card.  

 This weeks  baking activity was to make snicker-doodle bars.  My daughter loves these and wanted to make a tray.

 I am trying to only have one sweet item baked per week so we don't over indulge during this pandemic.  I am still trying to exercise daily and lose weight but it is hard.

Hope you are all safe and well. 

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