Friday, 14 February 2020

Weekly wrap Up 2/14/2020-- DaVinci exhibit and Raspberry Pi Jam

There was a special exhibit at the science center and since we studied DaVinci a couple of years ago we decided to go visit and see what it was about.  Everything in this exhibit are replica's from drawings from Da Vinci books of Codice

There were 7 books of Codices each book focus on a different area

Codice Atlanticus-- Primarily about Mathematics
Codice Manuscript of France-- the main feature of this codice is that it is written in Leonardo's unique style of which he is famous - writing backwards from left to right 
Madrid codice I and II -- information on mechanics and geometry
Codice from the flight of birds--study of flight
Codice of Windsor-- anatomy, landscapes, horses, animals, figures and profiles
Codice of Leicester-- astronomy, properties of water, rocks fossils and the light of the moon

 Da Vinci had many drawings and ideas for flight and how wings should be formed based on his study of birds and bats wings.

his idea for a glider

Ball bearings were first used during Roman times but with many of Leonard's ideas he improved on the concept.  His improvements uses balls, rollers and a lubricating oil to reduce friction.  It is based on his ideas on today's ball bearings that are found in engines, kitchen appliances and many other machines.

The crank using a small toothed wheel to prevent back ward motion.

He is credited with the invention of the rolling mill.  this mill was often used to create sheets of soft malleable metals such as lead gold and tin.

The fly wheel  became a fundamental part of Watt's steam engine

while experimenting with pulley Leonardo discovered it was possible to diminish the effort required to lift heavy loads using several pulleys.  Still used to this day

Chain crank -- which he devised to be more efficient for moving heavy loads

Archimedean screw -- Leonardo worked to improve this concept but eventually stopped feeling that his concepts were unachievable.  Today, screw just like Leonardo's are used for tasks such as reclaiming waterlogged land in the Netherlands.

an idea for life preserver -- which he envisioned as a leather bag filled with air

Diving suit and breathing equipment for underwater

his idea for a paddle boat

the kids and I built on of these during our unit on Da Vinci and moveable temporary bridge

Room of mirrors which allowed him to study the human form in poses.  Leonardo was the first to discover that the human eye actually captures light to allow vision

We had to try it :)

He also toyed with ideas for musical instruments-- this was the mechanical drum which was placed on a wheeled cart with the drum connected to a gear system that causes the side hammers to pound on the drum as the wheels of the cart turned.
He had several drawings and ideas for Revolving cranes.

Da Vinci was also known for his many ideas for war equipment

Armored tank

Fan type gun

They also had a few replicas of his painting and talked about the Divine proportion or the golden mean or golden ratio

This was painting Da Vinci was commissioned to do and then he ran off and never finished it although he was paid for the work before hand

Over the weekend My husband too MarioFan to the Raspbery Pi Jam which was held in the city.  Since MarioFan is working on a 42 electronics and they are using this system we decided to check it out.

Learning how to solder--something we need to investigate further for his learning since he wants to go into electrical engineering

Sitting down and helping a little girl with snap circuits which is is a pro at.
He won the raffle at the event and got another Raspberry Pi and a camera, which is perfect since working with the camera is next on our curriculum so one less thing I need to buy:)

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