Friday, 17 January 2020

Weekly Wrap Up 1/17/20-- School resumes for the second semester

Firedrake returns to community college next week and has decided to take College algebra and Sociology as her semester classes.  These are her last two classes in order to graduate from High school.  She has finally picked her college of choice and she earn a nice scholarship to help with some of the costs.  We are going to head out there for a new student orientation in February.

MarioFan has resumed his school and we are slowly finding our groove again.

We are starting a new video series for our Music appreciation class.  We also have several symphonies performances to attend to this semester.

For Literature we have begun reading this book which work out perfectly for our History as we are also in the lead up to the Civil War.

For Biology we are continuing with book 5 (we are almost done)

We have begun CC US history unit 5--I was fortunate to download this program before it was removed from the site.  We are using it as a base but I supplement quite a bit to it.

We are plugging along as we get back into the groove of school and all our extra activities.  Soon I will be posting a mid term update which I do every year to see if we are on target with our work.  The last 2 years to my surprise we were, but that doesn't always happen.  We will see how we are doing this year soon.

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