Friday, 24 May 2019

Weekly Wrap Up 5/24/19-- Picasso art, Spanish project, Cher Concert and end of 11th grade

Whoo Hoo Firedrake completed 11th grade where she attends part time with straight A's.  We also got her ACT scores and she scored high enough to get into her first choice college with a guarantee of $4000 per year scholarship!!  We just have to come up with the rest of the money for college:(. Next year Firedrake only need to complete 4 classes to graduate.  We have decided the will go to the local community college for her last 4 classes and will also be getting a job to help save for college expenses.

MarioFan and I are a bit behind in completely 9th grade so we will be working into the summer months to catch up.  The last few weeks we have been working on learning about Picasso in our art lessons.

We always start with a few books to look at works of the artist and understand his work.  Picasso had many different styles of art throughout his career.  I found I enjoyed his earlier works so much more than his cubism style of which he is most famous.

I chose an art project out of this book which I have used before

If gives step by step directions on how to make a painting in the style of the artist.  Since both boys have pet Cats I thought this project might be of interest to them:). I have to work hard to find projects the boys like as neither have much interest in art and usually rush though the projects so they can go play, sigh

My version of the project

First we did a wash on the art paper 

redrew the picture as best we could

and began to paint...I wish I could say they took their time and didn't rush but .....

Finished projects!
For the next project I found an interesting project on Pinterest and you can find the link here .  I bought the project (it wasn't expensive) and we gave it a try.

Side two of the sculpture

Boys working on their ideas and I gave them a lot of room to be creative here.

MarioFan stayed pretty close to the drawing while his friend decided to go for alien faces with multiple eyes:)

I wanted to show a project that MarioFan and 2 other classmates did for their CO-OP Spanish class project.

MarioFan said they traced him for the outline.   LOL

They labeled the entire body in Spanish and English.

My husband and I went to a CHER concert for a date night

Opening act was nile Rodgers which my husband likes 

Cher was amazing and still wearing her racy costumes at 73 years old.  She was lip syncing for some of the songs but  she put on a great show!  My husband tolerated the show for me:)
Things are moving at a bit faster clip as we move into the our summer schedule.  Some of our extracurricular activities are slowing down which will mean we can finally get caught up with our schooling since we are so far behind.

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