Friday, 8 February 2019

weekly wrap up 2/8/19-- dual enrolling, city museum and other stuff:)

My Husband and daughter went to the local community college for parent information night on dual enrollment.  Firedrake is interested in trying this next year in leu of attending public school.  Since she only going to public school part time and needs only 4 classes to graduate from high school we are encouraging her to give it a try.  Our local community college has half price tuition for high school students who are dual enrolling.

Filling out her forms- we are going to have her take the ACT this spring and then met with a admission counselor to determine class work for the fall semester.
We are all excited for this next chapter in her life.  Firedrake is especially looking forward to planning her schedule for late start mornings and no school on Fridays!!!!  However she will have to have a part time job to help pay for the car she will need next year so I don't think she will be having as much free time as she thinks she will have;)

We are plugging along in school, nothing really exciting to write about.  This week we went to the city museum with a friend in order to break the winter blues that is setting in for school work:).

this place is a favorite place for MarioFan and while they run around and play, I sat down in the cafe and did some lesson planning for the up coming months.

I have gotten a few new patterns for my stain glass and have been slowly working on a new project.
I have a thistle panel that I want to do but need to buy some glass in the upcoming months.

I am very excited to have received my Tiffany peony lamp mold and pattern

I am beginning to cut out my glass pieces to create my new lamp.  I actually hope to make two of these lamps for my bedroom side tables. 
I haven't made a Tiffany style stain glass lamp in over 20 years so I am anxious to see if I can do it and see how it turns out.  Luckily I have all the glass I need to make this lamp at home so the only expense was the mold and the lamp parts.    I just need more free time to cut the glass.

Both kids are participating in a piano contest this weekend.  Both are scheduled to play Sonatina's before judges.  Hoping the kids do well as they have been practicing so hard to get their pieces perfected.

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