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weekly Wrap UP 11/09/18-- Food Roof field trip

I have heard of Food roof's for awhile but have never seen one up close so when our local group found out there was one right here in the city we asked them for a tour.  They did more than that they set up a 3 week field trip with lots of fun activites!!! The first day was fabulous and beautiful.

On the first day we learned about PH level of the soil and how to figure it out and what types of veggies like what type of soil.

Can you tell there is a garden on top of this building!!!

Found out this building has been used as a food roof for the last three years!

A gorgeous setting and tables for special events that occur occasionally to raise money for the garden

Kids being told how the garden got started and how the garden works.  It is fascinating.  There is only about 8inches of soil on the building and they are recycling much of the water.  We found out 60% of the garden produce is donated to a local homeless shelter/food bank and the rest is sold to local restaurants in order to help pay for the costs of the garden

Lots of volunteers working as we did the experiments 

Looking at four different types of soil from around the city

Using cabbage juice to discover the ph level of the soil and then discussing what food grows best under what kind of soil condition

then comparing our results with a store bought ph tester

getting results was exciting

store bought results match our homemade test

Learning about hydroponics gardening

No part of this building is ignored for possible gardening.

There is even a green house on the roof

Chickens and their poop helps to fertilize the garden.  During the winter they return to a farm.  

They are also doing hydroponics gardening

Just some more gorgeous views of the gardens on the roof.

There is even a small storage garden shed for supplies 

It was toward the end of growing season but we still saw some of the results!!!
The second visit was to learn more about the chemicals in the soil and fertilizer!  Another gorgeous day on the food roof!!

Our third visit was to learn about Food as Medicine!

The garden is starting to shut down and the bed put to rest for the winter.  We have seen many changes in just the three weeks of visiting the roof top garden

this meeting was with a nutritionist who promotes more veggies in our diet.  Something we all can  agree most people need 

Making Kale salad-- I am not a huge Kale fan, as I have usually only been served that have been boiled:( the key to eating more veggies is knowing how to bring out the best in the vegetable.

the only thing in this salad was lemon juice, salt and avocado.  We were told the way to break down the Kale and decrease the bitter flavor was to massage the ingredients all together.

As you can see I ate it and it was very good!!!  You can also add green apples or  pine nuts.  MarioFan was still not a fan of it but he really didn't give a a good try.

She also made a great vegan ranch dressing, made with cashew nut flour.  I loved it and brought home a jar.
After finishing with these classes we as a group were invited to see another food roof nearby that is slightly different than this one and just getting started.

This roof is using crates as planters and running irrigation into each crate from rain barrels found on the roof.  

They are going to utilize the brick wall for vine growing and have just started this  project so it is not completed

again using crates along the wall for the soil and water

Tasting a raw Okra fresh off the plant.  I liked it and I am not one for okra usually mainly because I have never seen it NOT fried.

We had a great experience learning about the local Food Roof and heard that their are plans for at least 6 more within the city limits.  If you have one near you it would be a great field trip experience.

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  1. What a awesome experience. I love that idea.
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