Friday, 9 February 2018

weekly wrap UP 2/9/18 -- Renoir art projects, stain glass, and Charles Darwin

So far everyone in the house has been sick with the Flu for the last two weeks. So far I have manage to safe healthy so  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will escape this flu!  So this week has been a bit lighter than usual the school front since the kids aren't really feeling too well.

We had a slight concern that we might have given our bug to some friends since we didn't know we were infected when we held class, but so far they seem to have escaped our flu, thank goodness!  I canceled all extra curricular activities this week so every one could rest and hopefully not spread the germs any further to other people.  

In Art MarioFan is learning about Renoir -- This lesson was done before we knew MarioFan was coming down with the flu...Luckily our friends did not catch the bug--it has been four days so we think they are safe-- we hope!
Some books we looked at to learn about the artist and his work

We also talked about how to change color for shading, tone and tint.

I had the boys do a quick paint project showing them the difference and then a quick art lesson on how it  works in paintings.  I found this worksheet free on Teachers pay Teachers  These ones I did prior to the art lesson to show as examples 

There are lots of ideas on the web to further illustrate this technique.
By using tint, shade and tone you can really see the depth of an object come to life!
I tried to illustrate the difference colors by doing a simple umbrella using the four colors changes and labeled it
each boy made a work sheet on one color

the boys version of the work

Next we worked on a simple project making a desert scene to better enhance the understanding of this art concept.  Again you can find many projects on the web this is one that I found and had the boys do.

This is a dessert scene where the sky and ground are used to demonstrated the various values of the colors by the Tint and tone principals discuss above.

Boys version of the desert. 
Lastly we worked on the Meet the Masters Renoir project which concentrated more on making reflections, since this was also very much a part of his work.

Renoir did a lot of reflections in his art work so this project was based on that concept

The kids created a water science using water colored crayons. after adding the water we quickly folded over the paper to press together to get the reflection

The boys were less than impressed with this project.  Not one of the better ones from this program.

In our science lesson we are learning about Evolution and Charles Darwin.  Some of the resources we are using are pictured below.

We plan to watch a few documentaries as we go along as well.  I do have additional science texts to delve more into the meaty part of evolution.  

I have been working on another stain glass project, a guitar lamp.  I bought an old 3/4 guitar from an music shop and an trying out a new project.  Here is the progress so far.  Still have a ways to go.  Before my husband came down with the flu he was able to help me remove the top of the guitar.

My husband used a jigsaw to cut the top of the guitar as I will be replacing that with glass

My husband will be adding LED lights to the inside of the  guitar for me.

I found this pattern and as my Husband wanted a psychedelic feel to the lamp.  As this is  not my usual style it took me a few days to come up with the colors.  Now I need to work on the background, which has me a bit stumped at the moment.  I am searching the internet for some ideas.  :) 

Since we have two people down with the flu this week Firedrake decided to cook omelets for dinner one evening.  Something light that everyone could eat.  We are trying to get the kids to cook once a week.  This does not always happen due to our crazy evening schedule.


  1. So sorry you all are ill. The flu is no fun. We are studying Charles Darwin right now too.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Great week! I'm fascinated by your guitar lamp. I hope you will share what it looks like when you are done.