Friday, 27 October 2017

Weekly Wrap Up -- 10/27/17 Meiosis activities

This week in Science MarioFan and I have been learning more about the Meiosis process and working on our poster.

First we watch several videos on Chromosomal cross over

Then we used licorice sticks and recreated each step

working on understanding Chromosomal cross over and how that will better help us understand genetics in the next chapter of our science book.

Of course after your done you must eat your science project!!!
We finished making our Meiosis poster and now have it hanging up in our school room.  This one was much harder to construct than the mitosis poster;)

This time around we decided to just use markers 

Hanging up in the school room 

up close pictures of the Meiosis I

and then Meiosis II
IN our mini Literature coop we have been working on figurative language
For art we are learning about Norman Rockwell.  Here we are learning about the Saturday evening post 

Working on their projects

Their art work completed

The boys learned about the portraits -- The four Freedoms that Rockwell did during WWII which helped to raise money for the war

Famous paintings

We used this book to learn more about the artist

boys working on their second art project which included a picture of them in the art work:) 

Second art work completed.  Trying to capture the essence of Rockwell's work.:)

 This week our larger coop had a hayride for our fall activity and this Friday the boys will be going to the Halloween party.  Neither is sure they will wear their costume at the party
Enjoying an evening picnic at the park.  We had a fire going the the kids made smores and played

Boys went on a hay ride around the park at night.  The night was practically pitch black so they said they couldn't really see anything but enjoyed it as it was a parent free ride:)

My latest completed stain glass project for my Husband.  He has been asking for a map of Africa for years for his office and I finally got around to making one.  I designed this pattern by myself as I couldn't really find one I liked online:)  This is more of a vegetative map of Africa, lol.
Next I am working on a couple of Christmas project in my stain glass room, but I can't show those off till after the holidays;)


  1. Awesome week. I love eating science projects ~ lol. Your latest stained glass projects is lovely.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. You always inspire me to be a better homeschool mom...thanks 8)