Friday, 13 October 2017

Weekly wrap up 10/13/17 -- Painting class and school

This week my daughter and I took a painting class.  It is something we do every once in a while as a Mother/Daughter activity.  Since last week my Son and Husband had a boys night out day daughter and I treated ourselves to a night out:).  My husband and I think it is very important to connect individually with each child occasionally.

This is what we were attempting to do that night

Half way though and enjoying our creative night out

Finished pieces.  We are both quite pleased with our results:)
School wise MarioFan and his friend (we are doing this class together) are learning about Points of View in our Literature discussions.  Once again I found an amazing site with so many free resources that we are using!  I am so grateful that I can find so many wonderful free resources.  I try to give credit to right person, if there is ever a mistake let me know but these are the sites that I found the resources on

I found these posters free on this site.  Love Teacher pay teacher site, I can often find free resources on there.  I do buy low cost items occasionally too:)

I found tons of worksheets free on this site including a quiz:)  The boys are working on some of these worksheets and the quiz.  I also found a free game using 1st, 2nd and 3rd person points of view.  I can not at this time find the link:(from where I found the game.
This game takes advertising slogans and the boys sort them into envelops based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.  It was quite challenging and we had a few tough ones that we all disagreed with on the answer guide but it was a great way to discuss this subject.

 In addition to this the boys are continuing to read and discuss the book Tom Sawyer for literature class.

For art lesson we are continuing to work on Marc Chagall art.  This week's art project focused on one of Chagall's famous pictures.  We discussed the art work in more detail and then tried our hand at this project using the site listed below.

I and the Village by Marc Chagall -- our inspiration art work
I found this site that had a great idea for artist project.

learning more about the history of this artist.

examining his famous portrait (I did a sample to give the boys an idea)

Boys completed work.  Both boys found working with water colors a bit harder as they both like to use too much water:)  But I thought they did a good job

For Science MarioFan is learning about Photosynthesis (again) and we did a few experiments.
Found another freebie here

Printed out the model of the leaf and stages of photosynthesis
and MarioFan constructed his own model

While we are working on constructing our various models we are always talking about each component and step I find it helps to reinforce what we are learning plus then he can show it to my husband when he gets home and review what he has learned:)
 We did several experiment using leaves
Here we are doing an experiment to see how leaves breathe.  By submerging a leaf into lukewarm water and placing it in the sun for an hour or two 

hard to see but there are bubbles coming out of the leaf which means the leaf is exhaling oxygen (the rock on the leaf is simply to hold it down into the water)  Hard to see in the picture but it was very clear in person:)

Next we took several leaves of different colors and boiled them for five minutes
For this to work you must chose leaves that are from a tree, does not work well if the leaves have fallen off the tree, FYI

Then submerge one leaf in a test tube and covered it with rubbing alcohol
We waited a few hour and check our results.  the alcohol changed color  based on the color of the leaf
(we chose fall leaves, one yellow, red, green and one a mix of colors)

Next we took a green leaf and rubbed it onto a paper towel 

used rubbing alcohol to just touch the paper towel and allow it to travel though the leaf rubbings.  We let this set for about ten minutes

After it dried we where able to see the different colors pigment that was in the leaf.  We saw brown, green and yellow quite clearly in this sample.

Another busy yet successful week.  :)


  1. Your paintings are beautiful! I love your botany experiments. A successful week, indeed!

  2. Great job on the paintings!

    I enjoyed seeing the science experiments with older kids. So many blogs are focused on young kids, so I'm always seeking out old kid activities.

    Tricia @ This Life of Ours