Friday, 8 September 2017

weekly wrap up 9/9/17 Parent's night out

My husband and I are firm believers in getting away and reconnecting as a couple.  Sometimes it is just sneaking away for a quick Sunday breakfast and then grocery shopping, other times we actually plan a real date!  We have a wonderful local botanical gardens that does lots of special events and recently it hosted a Garden glass glow.  We were able to get tickets on the very last weekend before the show ended.

I hadn't heard of this glass artist before.

Checking out my favorite part of the gardens before the tour begins after sun set.

This glass was all inside the Climatron and special lights were added to give off the beauty of the glass.  This artist uses slumping glass to create beautiful art work.  This exhibit focused on all things nature 

beautiful poppy flowers

picture did not do this justice but it was a raising phoenix bird

this water fall was at the back drop for a blue glass chandelier but again the picture does not do it justice.

Many of the glass exhibit had rotating color lights so  the glass changed color.  So pretty 

Seeing a up close sample of the butterfly for the next exhibit (see picture below)

butterfly tree

This piece was in the water which gave it a reflection making it look like it was a complete circle.  The garden dyed the water black for this exhibit

gorgeous ladies in a color fountain

I finally finished my latest glass piece.  Here it is before framing.

Here it is hanging in my bathroom window.  I added vinyl sheeting to cover the rest of the window for privacy.  I am very happy with it.

Now to find time to work on the next project:) in addition to all my other activities:)


  1. What a beautiful exhibit! I wonder it is a traveling exhibit. We have a botanical garden not far from us and it would be great to see it in person. Your stained glass panel is gorgeous!

  2. Wow!! That stained glass is gorgeous!!