Friday, 29 September 2017

weekly wrap up 9/29/17--plant and animal cell models

Another week gone and I am still adjusting to being the mother of a public high schooler.  I had no idea how many half days and full days off kids get from school.  Once a month there is a teacher work day that the kids get a full dayoff and there are also one or two late start days that I still don't really understand why they are needed.  Firedrake is settling down in school with the changes that we made two weeks ago and seems to be getting the hang of being one foot in the door of public school and one foot in homeschooling.

MarioFan has been working on building and understanding the parts of an animal and plant cell.  Again thanks to the wonderful internet I was able to find a great project we could do at home.  I got the idea from this site!  My daughter had done the edible plant and animal cell in the past so I was looking for something different for my son.

All the directions to build these models is on the listed site above.   First we had to paint 

Then we used crafty foam, pink duct tape, construction paper, beads and  other things I found in my art supply drawer to use as the cell parts.

plant cell completed minus the labels

working on the animal cell

The final models labeled and completed--as we built these models we continued to talk about what each cell part did.   I think MarioFan has it down after all this work.
At coop my son and his friend are doing three classes together.  The boys are working on the same Literature program and art program so we are finding a spare room and teaching the boys together and the Moms are sharing the load of lesson planning!

This week in Literature we are learning about plot lines and how a story progresses while reading the story Rikki Tikki Tavi.  The boys are using the Lightening Literature program.
After reading the story and discussing it the boys watch the 30 min film we found at the library as a treat:)

For art we are using the Meet the Masters program and the first artiest we learned about was Grant Wood and the boys completed two art projects.  One was based on the program and the other was fun and based on the painting American Gothic:)!

We are so lucky to be able to use one of the empty classrooms for our lessons. :)

The boys did two projects.  One that was the Meet the Masters art technique and the other was recreating their own American Gothic:)

MarioFan is not a huge fan of art usually but he had some fun with these simple projects.

That is our week in a nutshell.  Keeping busy as usual :)

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