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Weekly Wrap Up 8/4/17--King Tut exhibit and yucky gummy treats

During the summer, once a week my son's friend comes over to play and occasionally the Moms make them do a fun educational activity--(mainly to get them away from electronics)  

My friend found this on a clearance rack and since her son just got his braces removed and he hasn't be allowed gummy treats in years, she thought it would be a fun activity they would love.

Boys working together 

I think we over microwaved the red ones a bit, but did a little better with the orange ones
The boys couldn't wait for them to set and eat them, unfortunately they were awful tasting.  Every one ended up spitting them out.  :(  The box included a few experiments so we did tried a few of those before the boys lost interest and returned to playing:)  Oh well, we tried;)

This week we also decided to visit the science center to see the new King Tut exhibit. Everything we saw was a replica of what was actually found in King Tut's grave.  We heard about the Carter, the man who was determined to locate King Tut, it is quite a story.  If this exhibit comes near you, it is worth a visit!
We went with some friends and this is the start of our World History  for the school year:)

a replica of the Rosetta stone.  The kids and I have seen the original stone which is housed in the British history museum in London.  However with this one we could get up close and actually see the three different written languages on the stone.  That was a bit harder to do in England
The first room they came upon was the Antechamber.  It is believed that grave robbers may have actually gotten into this area but for some reason went no further.  We don't know how much was taken from this room.  Things were stack and had be rearranged by the grave robbers.  One theory is they may have been interrupted during while attempting to rob the grave and for some reason never came back...maybe captured?  No one really knows
Next was the burial chamber.  I had no idea just how elaborate it was.  there were four shrines, each grander than the next and then inside the final shrine was four coffins, also each grander than the next before they reach the mummy

Finally there was a third room which housed the treasury.  There were statues of Gods, boxes of jewelry and model ships all to help the King move on to the after life.

Once we passed thru the three rooms where things were so piled up it was hard to see what was what.  We entered the museum gallery where they had a replica of each item on display with more information about each item.  

IN the burial room there was a shrine and in it were three additional boxes.

The first two coffins. It is believed the larger one was meant for a different king as King Tut emblem is added over other name.  the second coffin is more decorative and is covered is Lapis Lazuli, turquoise and colored glass

The third coffin is made of solid gold!
Golden casts were made and placed on his fingers and toes.  He was also wearing golden sandals
The death mask.

I taught the kids (when we studied Egypt years ago that the organ were always placed in Canopic jars with these heads on top (the jackal, baboon, fox and face).  But King Tut did it completely differently as you will see below
The Kings organs were found inside this golden shrine

Inside the golden box was another box which held mini coffins  of King Tut and inside these were the organs of the King!
Also found were trucks filled with jewels, grains and gold


Many statues found in the tomb to aid the pharaoh in the afterlife


and golden statues of the many Egyptian Gods

Also on display was Ani's Book of the Dead this is a papyrus for scribe Ani, which was written 1300BC and who was the official court favorite of the pharaoh.  This text is the first to show the influences of the "bourgeois' funerary text.  The original can be found int eh British Museum.

Lastly there was a replica of the skeleton of King Tut and from here Scientists have many different theories as to the caused of his death.  It is noted that he had a bad left foot, misshapen head and several broken bones, some were caused when he was removed from the tomb but others are believe to occur during his lifetime.

It was an excellent exhibit and we learn a great deal.  It was a good beginning to our World history studies:)

Firedrake is working as a Junior Counselor at a day camp for 2 days for the next two weeks.  So she is keeping very busy.  She is exhausted after a day outside in the heat working with elementary age children.

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  1. Awesome, we saw a King Tut exhibit years ago. My kids were so disappointed that the real King Tut wasn't there ~ lol. Too bad the gummy bears didn't come out.
    Blessings, Dawn