Friday, 14 July 2017

Weekly wrap up 7/14/17-- Family Reunion

The kids and I went to visit family in Iowa for a mini reunion of sorts.  My father has a large family but my kids haven't met many of their cousins due to our traveling.  My husband wasn't able to join us due to work so I drove us out there for a couple of days and met up with my parents.

My father is one of 11 children and has a very large family.  This is the first reunion I have been around to attend in over 20 years!  It was great to see family again and reconnect

The reason for the reunion is my Uncle Jerry is celebrating 50yrs as a Pizza restaurant owner!!!

My uncle is the one in the back by the oven and got his start working at a Pizza shop called George's.  

He built this restaurant back in the early eighties.  We got to hear a few stories, such as  as the time a competitor threw a fire bomb into the window and a portion of the restaurant burnt down:(  Also during his first Presidency Obama visited unannounced and when my Aunt tried to get into the restaurant she was refused entry by the Secret service even though she is the wife of the owner:)  It was eventually resolved and she got in to met President Obama!

My dad (in the yellow) and four of the five siblings that are still with us.  

My Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lea have a beautiful old home that they have renovated for the inside out.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  My Aunt has furnished it almost entirely of antiques.

The house is registered in town as a historic property!

Right before we left a former coop teacher contacted us and asked if my Husband would dress up in his viking gear and do a mini presentation for her new class.  He will also be going into her class this fall and giving a lecture on viking history!
My husband learned about this period while we lived in England and belongs to the group Regia which is known for its authenticity of the period!!!

I was able to capture a picture as they were filming
Here is the video they posted on line -- I hope this works

We are so disappointed our daughter will not be taking her class this year but this teacher went off to form a new more conservative coop and we decided to try public high school.  My husband and I question our decision every single day!!!!  My daughter loved this teacher last year!


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