Friday, 30 June 2017

weekly wrap up 6/30/17 Making a Pen and stain glass panel

A friend's husband has a lathe machine and was showing me his creations, bowl, pens and furniture that he has made.  I mentioned that I had never used a lathe machine and he invited my husband and I over to give it a try.  It was so much fun that I now want a lathe machine (maybe one day).

He had several different types of wood to choose from.

Demonstrating how to hold the cutting tool 

The I had a turn and it was so easy!  

My pen before the finishing touches to shine it up

After adding wax and comparing to the initial wood blocks we started with.

Next we added the components of the pen with this nifty tool

My completed pen.  I love it so much.

My husband had a turn and since I am better at taking photos of him I was able to catch each step of the process:)

Including how we add wax to the pen

My husband was quite proud of his pen too and took it to work.  I need to find him a pen holder to put on his desk just for his special pen:)

Our pens side be side:)  It is hard to tell them apart other than the color as mine is slightly darker.  
It was fun to learn a new skill and while I don't have a lathe machine and probably won't be getting one any time soon I will just have to stick the hobby I do know..stain glass

I have been working on a project for several months for my bathroom window.  I always color in my patterns to  help me in my glass color selection

Nearly finished with cutting out all the pieces

Copper foiling all the pieces and added re-strip to strengthen the panel as it is the largest one I have ever done.  I am hoping this will negate the need for rebar which I think distracts from the finished piece.  But I won't know until the piece is completely soldered and framed as to how sturdy the piece will be.
It is finished--I am still deciding if I need to add a rebar to the middle to help with the sturdiness of the piece

It looks fantastic in the window :) and it color vibrancy changes with the time of the day.  
Now I am working on a piece for my husband birthday in September.  It is an expensive hobby but I love it.


  1. Both projects are beautiful but I am most taken with the stained glass as I love stained glass and wish I knew how to make it.

  2. How much fun is it to learn something new! The pens are really neat! Your stained glass piece is absolutely beautiful! I dabble in stained glass a little but have never made a big piece. I guess I'm a little insecure yet about bigger pieces (need more practice with my cutting).

  3. You are so talented. I am jealous. I am always so consumed with kids stuff that I have realized I have no hobbies ... other than the kids. Maybe someday!