Friday, 16 June 2017

Weekly wrap up 6/16/17 -- President Buchanan's home and Air Force Museum

After touring the Washington DC area we stopped by to see my parents who celebrated 50 years of marriage!!!

Happy 50th Mom and Dad

When my husband and I were dating we started visiting Presidents homes in our area (we lived in Va at the time) So far we have been to about 10 homes of former Presidents.  Our goal is to visit every one.  My parents have been telling us for years that Buchanan's home was not too far from their home so we decided on this visit to go check it out.  It was a beautiful day and we learned a little more about this president who doesn't have the best reputation;)

Front of the home

Back of the home

Inauguration cake


Carriage he rode in for the inaugural parade

The house remained in the family for may years and many of the original furnishing can be dated back to  Buchanan and his family.  While he never marry he did care for his niece and nephew and they played a major role in his life and presidency 

Nieces writing desk

Buchanan's niece played the role of first lady during his presidential term

The blinds on the window are the original blinds!

This wine bottle is dated 1837 on the label!

Many of his books are still in the library

The desk were it is believed he wrote many of his speeches

The reason the house is so precise as to the furnishings and decor is that a magazine published drawings of each room of his house when he took office.

His bedroom and bath tub

After he died his niece inherited the home and it is believed she installed a more modern bathroom

The docent was fabulous and knew tons of information about the furnishings of the home and the family history.  While they did gloss over some things, like how many believe he was one of the worst presidents ever.  It is also rumored President Buchanan may have been the first homosexual president as he did have a male friend who lived with him in this house.  It is reported that many letters of correspondence between the two men are very very friendly and thought that the family destroy some letters after his death.

After visiting with my family for three days we headed back home but first we stopped at the United States Air Force museum in Ohio.  If you have a child who loves airplanes then you must make an effort to visit!!  IT is fantastic, four buildings full of history of flight and some very famous planes!

Did you know they had helicopters during the First world War...I didn't

Most people know about the Enola Gay but can you name the plane which carried the second nuclear bomb.  You can find it here at this museum 

Kids thought the art work on the airplanes were fun

a model type plane used as training for fighter pilots


Seeing the inside of a WWII bomber cockpit

and where all the bombs were placed and how it all works

space shuttle 

seeing the many compartments

The original Apollo 15 and how it looks after returning from space -- it sure takes quite a beating on reentry

model of the Gemini
We only had about 2.5 to 3 hours to tour before the museum closed for the day.  I wished we could have stayed longer as we had to rush though the last two buildings.  Definitely on our list to return to visit.  Best of all the museum is completely FREE.

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