Friday, 12 May 2017

Weekly wrap up 512/17

This week at our coop we had a surprise assembly--first time in 3 years attending that this has happened.  A  performer to came and perform for the kids and explained the purpose of recycling.

 We are continuing with our book club on Westing Game.  This week the boys have recovered all the clues and think they have solved the game--but we still have more reading to do:)
Looking at all the clues and figuring out what it means

And putting it all together.

We decided to add the clues to our apartment building :)
 We are continuing with Brain discovery class and this week the kids learned neuron impulses. and the kids did a fun experiment.
paying close attention to the lecture

Learning how the machine works. 

All the kids were very nervous about who would be wearing the probes.  Instructors had to really talk to the kids about it and that it would not hurt

looking at their reading and recording their results.

This was something we were able to do at home when we studied  neurons so MarioFan was quite happy to do a new experiment. 

Finished results!
In our History lessons the only class the kids do jointly now we have completed our Vietnam studies and are moving on to learning more about the Civil Rights movements.  We plan to go the history museum next week where they are sponsoring an exhibit on civil rights here in our hometown.  I am currently gathering our reading materials.

For Cinco de Mayo we made homemade sopapilla's they were good! which I never posted so here they are as the kids keep asking if we can make them again soon:)

It has been a busy week.

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