Friday, 10 February 2017

Weekly wrap up 2/10/17

 For our Science lesson we are continuing to look at simple machines and this week I introduced Pulleys.  We read a little about the different pulleys in our science book.  Last year, my husband had shoulder surgery and we needed to get a shoulder pulley to aid in his recovery so I used his pulley as an introduction to this weeks science:)!!!
First we only used one pulley to lift a 5 lb  weight 
then we used the same weight with two pulleys and compared the difference.  Next week we will be looking at fixed pulleys, moveable and bock and tackle (compound) pulleys using our Knex kit

For History we are reading the above book which gives an excellent look into the Navajo Indians on the reservation as well as their great contribution to WWII.  It is a part of US history I feel is overlooked.
This week on our book club we are in-between so the boys have been working on a stop motion Minecraft game.  They have had fun creating their own stories and learning how to use the editing program on the iPad.  It is a very easy program to use and the boys are loving it:)

MarioFan got the stage kit this Christmas but I don't think you really need it but it gave us a starting point as I have never done this before 

I pretty much left it up to the boys to figure out the program themselves and being boys they had it mastered in a matter of minutes

this was the kit we used to get started.
My husband and I dream of retirement and we are planning to buy an RV and travel the states and Canada.  This past weekend we went to an RV show in the city and scoped out the prices and types of campers that are out there.  We still have a few years to go but we have our dream and are saving up to one day afford a smaller camper.
We narrowed it down to two styles...this one with a more open floor plan with reclining chairs.

or this one which came with a center island, more counter space and 2 refrigerators!   

I have taken up crocheting and my husband is wearing the first thing I have ever crocheted...a scarf.  I have tried for years to learn and always lost interest but this time I seem to have mastered it:)  Now working on a hat which is proving to be a bit harder.

This past weekend we went to a Super Bowl party and the couple lived in a high rise apt.  20th floor  in the middle of the city.  They had the most amazing views from their apartment.  Watching the sun set was so beautiful!!!

This is our week in a nutshell.  We are keeping busy and I hope to get back to my stain glass window one of these weekend. 


  1. That is our dream too. We would love to have the camper now and get on the road now! But alas, not in the budget. We keep going to camper shows though. You just never know. We just started simple machines. Pulleys are on our schedule next week!!

  2. Love all of this...the simple machines, the book...all of it! Adore the camper!