Friday, 16 September 2016

Weekly Wrap up 9-16-16 Coop begins

This week was super busy, Coop begins and we still do not have a CAR!!  It made for a difficult week being a one car family as we had to get my husband off to work (which meant I had to get up extra, extra early and take him to work) then rush home to wake the kids and get them to coop in time for their morning classes. Then after classes we had to go pick up my husband from work.  It was truly exhausting for me as I was the main chauffeur and I am not an early morning person:(.  So the 5 am wake ups nearly did me in this week:(

Since I had to drive my husband into work I run thru Krispy Kreme and surprised the kids for breakfast as a treat for the first day of class

Heading to classes

There is a large break (120 min) for MarioFan at Coop between classes so we are getting together with another friend and we are working on a book club for the boys.  Trying to get them to work together and do something other than talking or watching video games which is an obsession for both boys:(  We are using Homeshare Farmer boy unit study and lap book for our guide.  These are free on the webpage. There are tons of suggestions and experiments to do to make the book come alive.  Both boys are really reading above this level but we thought it had enough fun things to do that it would make a great start for our little book club and get the boys interested in working together without too much complaining that they are losing their free time between classes to talk about video games.  Who know we may even do a book about video games in the future;)
We worked on reading just the first ten chapters this week and while at Coop the boys did the following activities.  The free unit study has many more activities to chose from but these were the ones we chose to do with the boys.
In the second chapter of the book is a description of the Wilder Farm.  We read the section outlaid and then and we ask the boys to work together to draw the barnyard and label it using the book as a guide.

Each boy worked on a section of the farm layout.  

My friend came up with a computer scavenger hunt about the state of New York where the Wilder's live.

She even include a few pokemon questions which the boys were thrilled about
The boys working together to get the computer scavenger hunt completed.

Another experiment was the milk, bread and popcorn experiment.  In the book it says Almanzo could add popcorn to his milk cup, as much as he wants, without spilling any milk.  This can not be done with any other substance and we asked the boys to theorized why this might be.  And then we tried it!

We added about half a cup of popcorn to the cup and it never changed the milk level or overspilled;)

Next we did the ice experiment recommended by the unit study and made hypothesis on which material would work best at keeping the ice from melting.   We were all wrong about our choices which surprised us!

We actually had a few more activities planned but ran out of time:)  The boys were excited and did not once ask for their video games, yay!! mission accomplished:)

Kids are continuing to cook dinner once a week which is wonderful
Firedrake chose to cook Chicken Parmesan 

She found this recipe in a cookbook and it is something I have never done before.

It turned out wonderful!
MarioFan is learning to cook some regular family recipes as he still needs a bit of guidance.  He hates touching meat  as you can see here:)  He got this from me:)
This week he learned how to use the crock pot and make Pork Carnitas.  He also learned how to make steam rice in the steamer.  
Over the weekend my daughter and I had a Mother daughter painting class.
I saw this Raising Phoenix painting and knew my daughter would love to do it, so I surprised her with a class.

stage one painting out the bird

Filling in the back ground

Our completed works.  We had a nice afternoon together which is always nice 

ON a side note Firedrake found a snake in our yard and without skipping a beat picked it up to show me, yuck:)
She released it further down our yard.  We think it was a Gardner snake but not sure.  I did have to remind her that our state has poisonous snakes so not really wise to pick up a snake if you don't know what it is!

That is our very busy week in a nut shell!  It won't slow down until Christmas break. Next week my parents are coming for a visit:)!


  1. Love your Farmer Boy activities! The Phoenix pictures are fabulous! Looks like a great week.

  2. Love your Farmer Boy activities! The Phoenix pictures are fabulous! Looks like a great week.

  3. I absolutely love the phoenix pictures and the farmer boy stuff was great! Both meals sound wonderful too!

  4. The art rocks and the experiments looked fun. I know how you feel with being the chauffeur. We are down to 2 cars and I drop off my older kids at work in the morning then drive myself to work. It's a bit exhausting but I am glad we all have jobs and soon the older 2 kids will be buying their own car (hopefully before Christmas).

  5. Awesome painting class! I love it when kids make dinner. We went with only one car for 4 months. I remember those early drives to take husband to work.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. It looks like your are starting out an adventurous year. You always do such fun things with your children and this was a great post on what you are up too. So sorry you have only one car. I too hate to get up too early in the morning. I have never been a morning person. Blessings!

  7. Wow!! What a week!!! I love reading all you do. That chicken looked very yummy! I will have to look up Farmer boy. What a great idea!