Friday, 4 December 2015

weekly wrap up 12/4/15

Ahh it is almost Christmas and I am feeling unorganized, behind in everything and overwhelmed:(.  My husband has been traveling a lot  for work for the month of Nov and even Dec so I am trying to juggling the holiday shopping, decorating, and baking in addition to schooling!

  With the holidays coming up there has been more opportunities for volunteering.
We made Homeless bags to put in our car so anytime we see a homeless person on a street corner we can hand them this bag filled with some supplies 

Each family took home half a dozen bags to keep in their car

There were many families participating 
The completed bag--I have to admit I do not see many homeless people in the area where I do most of my traveling, but only a couple of days after making these bags the kids and I saw a person in need and handed out our bags and it felt good to be doing something.  Maybe in the past we drove past without noticing but since we know have something to give them we are noticing they are out there.  In our small way we are trying to be more aware of those less fortunate.
Just a few of the items we placed in the bags.  This is so easy to do anyone can do it.  It is something we are going to keep doing as a family on our own!

We belong to several homeschool groups and one group decided to set up religious field trips to various organizations around the area.  We started doing this when we lived in England but then we moved back stateside so we didn't complete the experience.  I want the children to understand religion, not just our own, so we have signed up for several field trips over the next few months.

The first field trip was to the Ethical Society which is a humanistic Church.  I had never heard of this organization before!    This society was founded in the late 1800's by Felix Adler who was a son of a rabbi.  

The St. Louis society is currently has the largest congregation, about 300 members.  However there are several societies through out the country, mostly the NorthEast.    Currently there is one in England and Uganda. The ethical society of St. Louis built this located about 50 years ago.

Their leader (they do not use the term clergy) took the time to describe their services and beliefs.  There are no scriptures for the society and their creation story is related to the big bang.  They celebrate the changing of the seasons and their main purpose is to  build strong people of character and promote good ethics.  Services look at art, science and philosophy and discuss ways to build a better world and life in the community.  They perform many charitable events and often work with other religious organizations in the community for charitable activities.

I must admit I found this place very interesting.  If it wasn't so far away I would probably attend a service to get a better understanding of it.

For history lessons we are working on understanding the many reason people came to the United states and we built a poster to help us remember.

For Literature both kids are reading The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and we will be attending local performance in December.

For Science MarioFan is working on a FutureLearn course on electricity and it is very good.  If you haven't checked out this type of learning check out their course schedule here MarioFan is also reading about Alexander Graham Bella and Nicola Tesla .  I am hoping to get to our local science center soon as I am told there is an example of Tesla AC motor there.

My husband and I had another date night in-between all his travels.  This time I suggested a painting class. My husband was game but was worried as he doesn't feel he is very artistic.  But he did amazing and even said he would do it again, Yay!  This class was for couples to paint two different paintings but the painting can go together.  Since we have a wine theme dining room I wanted us to try this painting together:)
The class gives step by step directions.  My husband's painting the wine glass 
While I painted the wine bottle
The finish works!  Actually this is the studio's version but you get the idea.  I put our names on the wine bottle so can't show it.  I can't wait to hang it up!

That is our week in a nutshell.  The kids and I will continue doing schooling the month of December but we will take a week's break between Christmas and New Year!


  1. I don't see many homeless people in my hometown, but we travel with my husband's job. I have had the blessing of giving a bag of snacks and a coke to a homeless/needy man we saw eating from a garbge can. It affected my kids so much to see someone that hungry.

  2. It's so nice to see you all volunteering. We do as much as we can also! Love all the goings on!

  3. What wonderful and kind way to make such a huge difference to someone!

  4. You can use something like Pic Monkey to blur out or cover up your names so you can show your finished paintings. It's a cute idea to have two that go together like that. :)

    I like the homeless bags idea. We've hosted homeless children in the past. It's an issue I really had little awareness of until the last few years.