Friday, 25 September 2015

Weekly wrap up 9-25-15

This week we have been plugging along nicely in all areas even adding in a new sport for each child,  much to the chagrin of my eldest who says she is not interested in any sport: wanting only to read, write and draw.

Really pleased that both kids seem to be able to do their school work while in between classes at our coop for the most part:)  It is not perfect but we are working on it!  

We took a field trip to the City museum which is a favorite of the kids and we try to go one or two times a year as it is a great place to run around.  Kids love all the climbing and activities 

So many places for the kids to hide and explore

Since it was a pleasant day the roof top play zone was open and the kids loved the roof top ferris wheel!

and there is access to a ten story slide that they went down forgetting that they then needed to climb back up ten flights of stairs LOL

MarioFan is still happily working on electricity and we pulled out a electronic scooter kit for him to assemble
This kit was a bit of a pain as it didn't work as planned so I had to jimmy the scooter with larger washers from my husband told box to get it to actually work and by that time MarioFan lost interest, sigh, not a great project in the end...oh well I tried

Firedrake working on her science labs and after a month of seeds being in either fresh water or salt water looking at her results.  We were surprised to see that some seeds did sprout in both types of water.  Now they are planted and we are waiting to see if they really grow.
 MarioFan is began taking soccer lesson this week but I forgot to take a picture:(

Firedrake is taking fencing lessons through the local parks and rec.  My husband did fencing in high school and college and is hoping this is an activity she will enjoy and they can do together...honestly I am not holding my breathe for that to happen.  While she participated she made it quite clear that she was doing so under protest:(  Right now the kids are using foam swords for safety but soon they will be using the real equipment

After class we got to see how fencing looks using the equipment.  We are hoping that she will give this sport a honest try as she really does need to get in some exercise of some type...the hard part is finding what her passion is:(  
My husband has been away all week and returns home today so it will be nice to be all together again.  Next week we are going to a local Spanish festival and to Jefferson Baracks for a field trip on the Civil War in Mo.  


  1. One of these days we are going to get back and go to that Museum. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Lydia has been enjoying archery. That's something Joe likes too. It's hard to find something they enjoy. I am fighting that battle with the boys right now.

  3. It looks like it was a very fun week. My kids are not athletically inclined either. We have started Tai Chi and they seem to like that okay.

  4. It looks like you had a busy and productive week. I think you have a teenager on your hands with the desire to do her own things. I can't tell you that this too will pass; probably not for a while. I do think she should do the fencing it looks fun.
    I like what you have lined up for the next week; so I will look forward to that adventure.