Friday, 14 August 2015

Weekly Wrap up

It has been a crazy, busy week!

 I have made a huge decision to significantly cut back on Facebook!  I been thinking about it for several months but finally decided that I had had enough of people ranting about things they obviously had not clearly researched.   I found the the rants angering and  depressing me.  Let me just say I wasn't entirely innocent myself when it came to discussing my opinions freely, and I found if someone posted something particularly annoying I took some pleasure in posting something to annoy them back!   I am not one to look for controversy and I dislike confrontation and yet I found myself opening up more and more to those people who seem to relish in the sport of arguing, and it was for the most part my own doing!   So for my sanity I cut the cord, I unfriended everyone, except my husband.  I decided to remain on Facebook for homeschool groups only!  The first few days was tough I will admit, but it has been a week now and I am so relieved and feeling so much lighter!     Next I plan to cull though my homeschool Facebook groups, I didn't realized I belong to over 50 groups!  I am going to start cutting out any group that can't seem to be pleasant and just be supportive of homeschooling and of each other!  The need to be so judgmental in the cyber world is so exhausting and draining!   It is such a relief to be free of all the negativity of cyberspace, I wish I had cut the cord so much sooner!  I have set the goal of being off my personal page for 60 days and then if I feel the need to return I will slowly add people back on but only those who are positive, and uplifting.  I want to keep up with friends and know how their kids are doing, what travel opportunities they are having, not listen to their political or religious rants and I am sure they feel the same about me.  So when or if I return to Facebook I will be a different poster and make sure to bring joy and light to my world and to my friends!

For history the kids are studying the Civil War and we spent the weekend learning about Abraham Lincoln.  We toured Lincoln New Salem a town where Lincoln owned a store, the Lincoln museum, and Lincoln's SpringField Home.

We had fun learning about Lincoln's early years, marriage, and his Presidency.  
On Monday I had second MRI appt and this time I was able to get through it just fine, thanks in part to some medication that made me sleepy:)  Now I await the results and hope to get to some answers to why I continue to get neck and arm pain.  It has been 5 weeks and I am more than ready to have it go away :(.

On Tuesday I took the kids to six flags which is only a few minutes away from us.  This is the last week where the park will be open during the week as Public schools open next week. We have season passes but really haven't gone as often as we usually do because of my pain.
The lines were so much shorter this week as many of the local kids have returned to public school so the kids rode many of the rides twice.  It was a bit boring for me as I didn't go on a single ride for fear of causing more neck injuries:( 

Wednesday night was night at the ballpark with my husbands workmates  MarioFan was able to get a ball from the pregame activities which he was very excited about

Somewhere in that mass of people is my Husband holding the flag during the National anthem, he won a drawing at work for the honor:)

Firedrake is not a baseball fan and spent the evening drawing  and then wondering why everyone was cheering when a run was made for the home team:)  

Thursday and Friday were school days at home as we are still just doing half days.  I was able to sign the kids up for their coop classes and looks like we will be attending full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each child will have a morning class and then an afternoon class, unfortunately due to the school there will be down time for each child so I will be reworking their school schedule as this year both will be expected to find a quiet space to do some of their independent work at the coop.  This should be an interesting experience for us all:)!


  1. I am going to follow your example I think and downsize my Facebook time and groups too. I feel the same about the negativity.
    I loved the Lincoln era and imagine the children are enjoying it all.
    It will be fun to follow how your new school year is going.
    I do hope they can find out about your pain and solve it.
    Blessings and hugs!