Friday, 31 July 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

It has been a crazy week with lots of ups and downs!  I will spread the good and the bad news out so it won't be a depressing read for you:)!

 I attempted to get an MRI done on my neck but I found out I am extremely claustrophobic when put into a small tube for 45 minutes.  I couldn't complete the test so now I have to wait and get an appt for a different machine which I am told is larger and less claustrophobic to people, why we didn't start out with that machine is still a mystery....oh wait I may have told them I wasn't claustrophobic :(

Last week my daughter and I took a painting class.  We enjoy these class and whenever I find a coupon offering a 2 for 1 deal we sign up and enjoy a Mother/Daughter class together.
Firedrake's version of Poppy Field 

Mine version of Poppies at sunset

At Christmas last year my husband bought my daughter a Sketch pro pad, which is for computer drawing/graphics.  It has basically sat unused for nearly 8 months but suddenly my daughter has picked up an interest and for the last couple weeks, is really starting to understand the program all on her own.  She has been watching you tube videos on how to manipulate the program and is doing well.  I am so thrilled that she was self motivated to learn this even if it took a while:) as things sometimes do for kids!

She has completed her first anime drawing which she is very interested in right now
Here is her picture mid way thru

and the completed picture--yes I know it is a bit gruesome but that is where we are these days:)  I am told this stage shall pass one day:) 

Another major downer this week happened when we discovered that one of the children did not close the freezer door properly and all of the food inside it had defrosted and needed to be thrown out.  This couldn't have happened at a worse time as we had just done a Costco run and had fully stocked up on frozen meats:(  I was able to salvage the ground beef by quickly cooking it up and then refreezing!  I did the same with the shrimp quickly boiling it and this week we will be eating a lot of shrimp!  Unfortunately the rest was too far gone and had to be tossed! If you have any good shrimp recipes please let me know!

MarioFan has been keeping busy attending camp this week where he is participating in sports, drama, music. crafts and cooking.  He is coming home every day exhausted but is having fun. Today is the last day of camp and we will be going to see the campers drama performance this afternoon!

Usually bad things happen in threes around here but so far we have only had two mishaps at the time of this writing.  We still have to get though the weekend so keep your fingers crossed for us:)  


  1. Love the art! I want to do that with Lydia. Here's to hoping there is no 3rd this week.

  2. Sorry about your neck problems and the freezer. Do you like paella? You could use a fair few shrimps in that.