Friday, 8 May 2015

Learning about Taiwan

We have completed our Taiwan country study.  We used the resource Adventurous Mailbox and I did a review about it on this post!   The kids and I really enjoyed the curriculum.  There were a few activities that I added to help make our country study complete.

We looked at our globe and the internet to see a map of the island of Taiwan

The kids then researched and labeled a blank map of some of the major landmarks of the country

We learned about the map and the history of Taiwan 

Next we made 2 crafts that are Chinese the first are the Tangrams which we made from cardstock using a pattern we found online

The kids had fun building different pictures from patterns I found on the internet and soon they were off creating their own pictures using the Tangrams!

Next we read that paper cutting was a popular craft.  Often done on tissue paper and it can be very intricate.  

We found a simpler pattern on the internet and traced it onto card stock which was easier for the kids to work with

This year in China is the year of the GOAT!

Lastly we investigated a country meal we could create at home.  The kids choose this one and their are several version on the web.

I have to say honestly, it didn't go over well but I was very pleased everyone tried it.  The spices the meal called for were something different to us and it just didn't appeal.  However it is still a good learning experience! 

That is how we completed our country study on Taiwan with the kids!  It was fun for me to do this study as I lived in Taiwan as a child for about two years and I had many memories come flooding back to me while looking at pictures and reading the stories we read about this remarkable country!


  1. Another awesome moment in your teaching career. You are just such a great home school teacher of your children. I loved this one as I do all of them.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day you deserve a great day and an award for all you do for your children.
    Blessings and hugs!

  2. These are amazing extensions! I will be sure to point other educators your way, and share your great ideas in our Teacher's Lounge. You are an inspiration!