Friday, 10 April 2015

Field trip to a stain glass shop

Stain glass is a hobby of mine and I am currently building my husband a viking ship stain glass panel in my workshop!  So when I heard there was a stain glass shop field trip planned I signed the kids up.  More for me probably than the kids as I wanted to check out this shop and see what supplies and classes they offered!

I loved seeing stain glass windows

and all the different styles

The owner of the shop explained the process of making a window first by making a pattern 

Next the kids were shown how to make mosaic windows

using a mosaic tile cutter to cut glass

Firedrake chose to make a dragonfly resting on a thumb

Where as MarioFan made a mario character of some kind!

We had to let the glue dry for several day so once home we finished the project.  The shop had given each child some filler to fill in their windows.
We added a little water and mix until we got a thick mixture

and added to the window

It was a very messy process which neither of my kids like!

We had to let the filler dry a little and then used wet paper towels to wipe away any excess filler 

Finished project for MarioFan

Finished project for Firedrake
Both pieces are now hanging up in the kids rooms!  I now have a new place to buy stain glass supplies for my future projects!

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  1. I love all the pictures. Stained glass is just so beautiful. We have some lovely ones in many of our temples. I loved that the children were able to do a project and then display it in their rooms. This is an awesome hobby for you.
    Hugs for all!