Friday, 16 January 2015

Weekly and Mid year update on school activities

Well it is over 100 school days and time for some honest look back to see how we are doing with our school year.  I do this every year as I like to see where we are, how far we have come and where we still need to go.  Every year I find some things are going very well while other things slip behind.  Sometimes I make adjustments to our schedules, but there are times when I realized I put to much on our plate and I need to let certain things go.  This year is no let's take alook at our progress.

Both kids are doing well with their respective Math U see books.  Firedrake moved up to Zeta whereas Mario is working on Delta--on target

Firedrake is working on SWCC A course and is taking responsibility to watch the videos on her own and writing assignments.  I do monitor the work but have been pleased with how much she can do on her own.  MarioFan is working thru All things fun and fascinating with me and is getting much better at writing his stories.  Overall very pleased with this program and how their writing is coming along and I am seeing carry over into other writing projects such as book reports and creative writing the kids are doing on their own!--on target

Continuing with AAS working on book 5 we are a behind with the series since we started so late and I wasn't very consistent with doing spelling lessons.  So far the spelling lists are too easy and rarely do the kids make any errors but I like how the program reviews spelling rules and that it is quick and easy to do in a week so we will continue with it until the end--on target

I create our history program and it is going very well!  We are continuing to work on American history and we started this past summer and have covered Roanoke, Jamestown, King Philips war, Salem witch trials,  the making of all the 13 colonies, George Washington, John Adams,  Revolutionary war, the constitution and bill of rights.  We are currently up to the Louisiana purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition and learning about Thomas Jefferson.  My goal is to be up to the Civil War by summer, not sure if that is realistic as History is my favorite subject to teach and I love the many stories and field trips we can take, so we shall see if we can move a little faster--a bit behind

Again I create my own science and this year has been dedicated to learning about the human anatomy!  So far we have covered the skeletal, muscular, and our wrapping up the nervous system.  Again I enjoy teaching science so we are doing lots of activities to cement the knowledge.--a bit behind  

Foreign language
Kids are taking Spanish at a local coop and I am very pleased that both kids have a A in the class.  Both kids did so well on their weekly quizzes they were allowed to skip the class mid term test!--on target
Firedrake is also studying Latin this year with her Father and it is has it good moments and it rougher moments.  I think she likes the idea of learning Latin but not the idea of putting the work into learning Latin, while this is not a requirement for my schooling we have given her the choice to stop and she has decided to continue, right now we are using Visual Latin as that is the program my husband chose last year.  Maybe we need to look into another program? --behind and undecided as to whether we will continue but that is my daughter's and husband's call:)

Firedrake is taking art lesson at the local coop and liking it.  MarioFan has not really completed any art so far.  I have not had time to use our Meet the Masters program yet which I want to begin again as I thought it was great for art history and introducing art techniques. -- on target for Firedrake--behind for MarioFan

Both kids are taking Drama at a local coop and are beginning to work on their parts for the end of year play.  They enjoy the class and are learning lots of stage direction! -- on target

We continue to have weekly piano lessons and the kids are progressing.  We missed the December piano recital as we were visiting with family during that time.  Hopefully they will be able to attend the spring recital!--on target

Both kid are reading assigned books that are either classics or historical fiction stories.  Firedrake is either answering comprehension questions or completing a book report on every book she reads.  MarioFan is completing lap books or comprehension questions on the books he reads.  We complete 1 or 2 books a month each so I am happy with that--on target

We do not have a formal vocabulary program this year so we are being very relaxed in looking up new words--undecided..may reinvest in a program for next year still deciding about this approach to vocabulary

Normally I do a country studies, but we have been so busy this has not happened yet.  However I now have a new review coming up using books to learn about countries which we have just started working on.  First country we are reading about is Finland!  Review of the program will be at the end of the month and we will have completed our 1st country study for the year.  I usually complete 3-4 countries in a year--a bit behind

We have no formal exercise class this year!  We are just working out at home and playing outside.  Something I need to look into for next year -- behind

Kids are working on their growing with grammar books and doing well.  We have not resume the IEW Fix it program but will once the workbooks are done!--on target

MarionFan is taking a computer class at a local coop and is learning power point.  It is going very well.  Firedrake is not taking this class but I may sign her up for it next year as she needs this...only difficulty is our computers at home do not match up with the computers used at the coop which makes for some interesting problems with homework.  But we are working thru them and MarioFan is happy and learning!--on Target for MarioFan--behind for Firedrake

MarioFan is working on cursive handwriting and is working on Handwriting without tears book. --on target
Firedrake no longer needs to work on this so is exempt:)--on target

Research project
My husband and I decided it is time for Firedrake to do a larger type project on her own with guidance.  She has chosen to learn more about the Deep Ocean.  The goal is for her to do her own reading, computer search and either write a paper or put together a power point presentation and  present it to the family.  Much to Firedrake's disgust she needs to work on this project on the weekends as this will be expected of her in high school and college.  We are providing her with lots of guidance and helping her find sources to put together her project.  The goal is for her to do a family presentation by the end of the year!--on target

So that is where we are this year!  As always we are behind in some areas but I try very hard not to stress over it as we school year round and we can play catch up during the summer if we need too!  Plus I remind myself everyday that we can't learn everything so there is always next year!  This is just my way of keeping record of where we are and how far we have come!


  1. You seem to be doing an awesome job of staying on target. I also take a hard look at our progress mid year. Now 3 times a year since I split our school year into a block system similar to a college Fall/Winter/Spring semester. It has been working well for us. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. Great job on being on target! I'm doing that review now and hope we are as on target as possible. We typically school year round so our lessons fall differently at times. Have a great weekend ahead!!