Friday, 23 January 2015

Touring a Football Stadium

We had the opportunity to tour the Edward Jones Dome which is the foot ball stadium for the St Louis Rams.  There is some concerns locally that the Rams might be moving back to LA if the city doesn't build them a newer stadium!  The kids and I have never attended a live football game although we occasionally see it on TV.  Most of the time I have no clue what is going on and that is just fine by me:)!
We met up with a local homeschooling group.  I didn't realize the stadium is actually owned by the St louis convention center and the St Louis Rams only use it for games about 10 or 12 a year.  The team doesn't even practice in this stadium!

The season is over so they are getting ready to remove the artificial turf and return the floor to its original condition concrete!

The tour guide started the tour at the very top of the stadium which holds approx 66,000 people

here we are standing in the press box which can hold about 300 press and while the game is on there are phones, computers, tv's and various other electronic devices that the press core needs to do their job.  We were told outside their box is usually free food and drinks for the press to enjoy while watching the game!
In order to access this area and other restrictive areas of the arena  the above passes and badges needed to be displayed!

At the next level we were taken to a is the only suite that is available to rent throughout the season.  All other suites are rented usually with a three year contract.  We were told it was expensive to rent

Included in the suite was sitting area, food, large televisions

outside the glass door where chairs for the party to sit in to watch the game if they prefer

the view from the suite sits...not bad!

This stadium has suite almost completely around the stadium...the one we visited was one of the largest but we were told they were pretty much all the same except for the owner's suite...which we couldn't see!

Next we went down the the floor of the stadium and were told we were the last tour for this season to see the actual artificial turf as it was being packed away...When this part of the arena is not being used for football it is used for other events such as car exhibits

Here is the rolled up turf from the sidelines

and they are stored directly underneath the the kids are standing on the storage room for the turf

Kids got to feel the turf and walk on it.  I am amazed how hard that surface is!  I have a slightly greater respect for the football players as tackling on this must HURT!

We were given a few minutes to take pictures on the field...many of the kids chose to run the distance of the football field!

Next we were taken into the players locker room

The players must bring their name tag to place above their area for every game!  

There are four locker rooms in the stadium but this is the nicest and only one decorated with Ram memorabilia 

This is the canopy that is used to get the players from their locker room to the field without the public seeing them inside the arena

the showers and ice baths and whirl pool bath

room used for massages and injuries 

This is another locker room in the stadium used by visiting teams 

they don't even get chairs with cushions:)

after the tour the kids were given a Ram flag and towel as souvenirs
We had a great day out and learned interesting facts about the stadium.  Might even have to try to make a live game before the Rams move if that is what they decide to do in 2016.  I do know the city of St. Louis is trying to figure out a way to keep them here though!


  1. I really enjoyed the pictures of your tour of the stadium. it was very interesting. Another great adventure with your children: i loved it.
    Blessings for all!

  2. Oh wow Hubby and I are so jealous-we are huge NFL fans and recently went to one of the Wembley games here in the UK. What an amazing experience! We would love to go and watch an NFL in the states!