Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas tree contest

While visiting at my parents  there was a contest for decorating Christmas trees at the local library that my Mother's garden club sponsored.  The rules were to decorate a small table top tree using 90% of plant material.  The kids took the challenge and over a week spent time coming up with different ideas for creating a pretty decorative tree!

The kids gathered up so dried flowers, pinecones, wheat, seed pods  to use on their trees, since my mother is a master gardener she had many thing around the house and garden that the kids could use.

We colored some macaroni and strung them on string.  However only one strand made it on a tree because my sisters dog decided to eat the macaroni :( one evening while we were watching t.v.

The kids also strung cheerios and popcorn to place on their trees

Busy at work we spent several afternoons just preparing our decorations

My Mother showed the kids a way of cutting pinecone that results in a flower like appearance

MarioFan added a little glue 

and added a little glitter to the cone flowers for his tree

I helped MarioFan create a Owl pinecone topper for his tree, I saw a felt pine cone owl on pinterest and we just tweek it a little

I thought it turned out great!

Firedrake made a star using a seed and toothpicks

MarioFans Christmas tree

Firedrakes Christmas tree!
The kids had fun creating their trees and they turned out so cute!

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  1. The trees are adorable and I think this was a great idea.
    Blessings for all~