Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Making Washer Boxes -- Camping game

A few weeks ago someone from a local coop offered to have a class to build washer boxes.  We have seen these games while on our camping trips so thought we would like to make one of our own to take camping with us.   My kids have not had much experience with electric tools or building something from scratch so they needing some basic review on managing tools:).

Getting a safety brief about the electric saw

and getting to use it, while Mom was in the background biting her nails in worry  (I actually have a ugly story of what happens if the saw is used incorrectly...I ended up with major hand surgery)

measuring the wood prior to cutting

They both loved using the electric saw (I was just glad I didn't go crazy and allowed them to try it as my initial reaction was to ask they skipped this part...as I had major flashbacks to my accident)

dry setting the boxes and making sure their cuts were correct

Learning to use a electric saw

Trying different ways to get the most behind the tool in order to get a tight fit.  

Practicing hammering nails into wood before attempting our project, I think the Homeschool Dad could see we were going to need a little help here:)
Schooling on the correct way to hold a hammer, and this is not it:)

ahh...much better Little Man

adding a center piece to our game and gluing it to the box

attempting to center the PVC pipe

Learning how to play the game which is a little like horseshoes...throw the washers and see if you can get it into the PVC  pipe

1 point for each washer in the box and 3 points for a getting it in the PVC pipe.  Game can be played up to 15 or 21 points.

We look forward to adding this into our camping trips and hopefully getting more skilled at the game!

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  1. Amazing that your children were able to do this one. You are such a good parent to let them.
    My oldest daughter took a shop class in High School and I worried everyday about her using the tools. She made some great items. I am just way too chicken to do this. My husband made a book case and Jewelry case in a shop class years ago. I treasure them both.
    Thanks for sharing this and blessings for all!