Monday, 25 August 2014

Not Back To School Pictures:)

I don't usually do yearly pictures to signify the start of the new year, mainly because I take so many throughout the whole year according to my kids.  They wouldn't even sit for ones this year so I had to grab photos taken in the last few weeks to use.  But I did get them to do a little self inventory:)

Firedrake is now 12 years old and entering 7th grade (middle school)!  She is my trickster and loves a good joke or funny story.  She saids her favorite school subject is Music and her least favorite is Math.  Her hobbies are Piano, Drama, reading, drawing, typing stories and playing video games.  Favorite type of books are fantasy stories, anything with a dragon in it:) and her favorite food is her mother's enchiladas:)

Mario Fan is now 10 years old and entering 5th grade.  He is my happy go lucky child.  He really does try to please everyone.  He says his favorite school subject is Science and least favorite is Math. His main hobbies are playing video games and piano.  His favorite type of books to read are science books and his favorite foods are pink lady apples, pizza and lasagna.

The kids and I have drawn the name of the winner for the Our America series give away and sent an email to them.  The winner has 72 hours to contact me before a new name is drawn.   Thanks for participating:)