Friday, 29 August 2014

Artist study--Henri de Toulous-Latrec

Once again using the Meet the Masters program we took at look at Artist Henri de Toulous-Latrec who was a famous artist in France in the late 1800's.  He is best know for his poster work to advertise the many dance halls and night clubs in Paris, France.  The most famous being the Moulin Rouge!  For his posters he used minimal dark lines and colors eliminating unnecessary details to give an almost abstract feel to his posters.  The kids and I set out to try to recreate his style.

We were all given instructions to concentrate on only one part of the human just so happened we all chose the face:)

Firedrake wanted a  side view of a face.

Mario chose to use the paper to give an unique angle to his face

using only 3 colors we chose to emphasize only specific parts of the poster

Firedrakes poster

MarioFans version 
My version of the style

I really love how each of us chose a different version of a face and how unique they all turned out!

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  1. They did all turn out uniquely, but you can still tell that they are the same face! I'm starting Artistic Pursuits with Sola this year. It just seems to suit my personality better than Meet the Masters. Hopefully it will suit her personality as well. I think it is that all of us would rather have a book in hand than do lessons online.