Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Touring the city of Alexandria VA

I have so many posts to write to get you all up to date on what we have been doing.  This summer is flying by and we had so many fun adventures exploring.  When we picked up my children after having spent a month visiting my parents we went to Alexandria, VA as my husband had to work in the DC area for a week.  We took this opportunity to squeeze in a few field trips.  There was one day where we were without a car so we hit the streets to see what was local to us.

We walked down to the waterfront to see the Potomac river and took a boat ride.  We learned quite a bit of the history of the shores during the revolutionary and civil war.

Also saw many birds and just enjoyed the beautiful day

We explored the torpedo factory along the Potomac which once was a torpedo factory for WWI and WWII,  now it has been converted into a artiest studio.  We were able to see lots of different art and even watch a few artist doing their thing

a Potter talking and demonstrating for the kids

Kids enjoyed seeing that there were many types of art not just the traditional painting and drawing.

While walking along King street you often see signs of something important that happened in a certain spot, so we all giggle when we saw this sign.:)

We went past the smallest house in all of Alexandria called the Spite house, it is only 7 feet wide and 395 square feet
My husband once thought about buying this house when he was single back in 1989.  
The history of the spite house is quite funny and I know there are several around the country.  There is one in South Carolina I believe.  If you want to learn more about the history check out this article.


  1. What a fun adventure. I think it is awesome that you chose these different places to see and learn about. I did love the sign on the door.
    I have missed your adventures with your children. Blessings to you all~

  2. The Spite House is really cute. I like how brightly colored the two houses are. Gotta love the sign about nothing important happening there!