Friday, 6 June 2014

Legos in the Garden

My parents have been visiting us for a month and we have been very busy seeing some local sights in our area.  Recently we ventured to the local Botanical gardens where they were holding a Lego exhibition.  We enjoyed walking throughout the garden looking for the lego sculptures.

We found another St. Louis Birthday Cake right outside the gardens
The Lego exhibit is running until mid September and did cost a little bit extra to see

There was a scavenger hunt for the kids to complete -- the first  lego sculpture found was a  tiller

with a hidden lego man beneath:)

Lego gardener

Beside each sculpture was a sign letting us know how many legos it took to build each design the most we saw was 60,000 legos

MarioFan with his scavenger form looking for legos

snake chasing mouse

praying mantis

Firedrake no longer wants to be in photos as much so I had to sneak this one in because she was with us:)

Monarch Butterfly and flower

Wood Pecker

garden animals

Even the bird feeder had legos in it:)
Sun dial

We also found a real lizard hanging out on a flower

My Dad with the kids

We had a fun day exploring the lego creations and the Botanical gardens with my parents.  We are enjoying having them visit us and of course they are spoiling the kids rotten while they are here:)!


  1. What a cool exhibit! Legoland in CA has a miniature city, but a miniature garden would be a great edition!

  2. I meant addition, not edition. :-)

  3. That looks like a fun time! My kids would love to go to something like that!