Monday, 2 June 2014

Camping fun

Our family loves to camp and we were so lucky to have been given to us a RV from my parents last year.  We have several camping trips planed already this summer and fall.

Some reasons we love to camp are:

Sleeping in a RV beats tent camping, sorry to those of you who tent camp:)

Lovely hiking trails to explore

and capture nature in all its wonderful glory

Can you see the frog:)

I love trying to identify wildflowers, no one else in the family does but they like to point out new ones for me to look at.  I also love to look at the different birds and try to identify them:)

Quiet times by the camp site where  we the parents spend quality time with the kids and not be distracted by phone calls or the computer:)

And we enjoy just talking to each other

Cooking at the nightly campfires

My husband redneck creme brule as he likes to call he very burnt marshmallow

sometimes a nap is in order 

look the kids are reading:)

Food always tastes better when outside:)  plus some forbidden foods are allowed, such as chips:)

As a family we always attend the Park Ranger events which are usually held on Saturday nights.
 My husband and I look forward to our camping trips as a time to truly sit back and relax, we don't take any work with us and force ourselves to just be in the moment with nature.  It is always so relaxing.


  1. That's cool that you have the RV! I usually say, "I so love not camping!" I would probably sing a different tune if I had an RV.

  2. That looks great, and very relaxing! We are camping soon, but we have a tent ................your RV looks much more comfortable!