Monday, 5 May 2014

Lewis and Clark museum visit

For history the kids are learning more about American history and we recently had the opportunity to visit the Lewis and Clark museum in St. Charles which is where the two started off their journey to the Pacific.
We found another 25th St Louis birthday cake, I think this make over a dozen that we have found so far this year.

The museum is located right next to the Missouri river and house the replica boats that Lewis and Clark used on their journey.  We read that these boats were used to recreate the journey on the Missouri river.  It was hard to believe that the men carried these boats over land at different points in their journey as they weight about 2 tons or more

Looking at the map of their amazing journey and reading that they only lost 1 man due to illness 

a smaller version of the three ships they took on their journey.  The kids will be learning more about Lewis and Clark very shortly in our history lesson but this was a great learning opportunity

Taking a look at the Missouri river and where the ships launched

Looking at their camp sites and some of the things that they took with them on their journey

The museum had a animal scavenger hunt so the kids could see the many different animals mentions in the men's journals

A bull boat that the man learned to build from the Mandans...they were used to traveled down the Yellowstone river.  It  is constructed of one buffalo hide over a wood frame

Some of the medical equipment and herbal medicine the men took with them.

We saw diagrams of the 3 different forts that the Lewis and clark expedition built along their 2 year journey 

AN interesting sign on what the feathers meant for the Indians--I hadn't seen this before

There was a cabinet of different Indian artifacts that Lewis and Clark might have seen while on their travels
i meant to do something like this for a geography study but never got around to it so the kids and I spent some time looking at the way the rivers changes the landscape

Afterwards we went out to explore the river a little closer 

and of course throw stones--just because

We had a wonderful day exploring and learning about Lewis and Clark and exploring the Missouri river.


  1. There tents weren't quite as nice as the last ones you visited! I haven't been able to stop thinking about tents with real stoves and beds in them since your post. For some reason, I have been able to get the idea to fly with our Girl Scout troop though. :-) Lewis and Clark is big in this area also, as they ended their trip here (I think). I wonder how many cities have big Lewis and Clark exhibits? Or if you and I just happen to live in the two big ones, as we happen to live at the beginning and ending points of their expedition?????

  2. Oh i love the look of that museum - just my kind of place :-)