Friday, 16 May 2014

Caring for a Hedge Hog

I thought we would show you a few videos of us caring for our pet Hedge Hog, Sonic.  We have had him for a few months now and he is slowly adapting to us even getting to the point to curling up on us to sleep in the evenings.  While we enjoy our pet I would have to honestly say that this may not be the best pet for children as Hedge Hog are a bit grumpy and are very quick to puff up their quills which can hurt a little.  However my kids have adjusted well and enjoy getting Sonic out of his cage to play.

He enjoys playing on his exercise wheel in the mornings:)  Some mornings he just like to get on and off all mornings, while at other times he will run on it for quite a while.

We had to buy a small fence to keep him in when out and about as he likes to chew on electrical wires:(.  This is to keep the little guy safe.  However the hedge hog is proving to be a little escape artist so he must be watched very carefully, no when out of his cage he can never be left unattended.
He is trying to climb over the little dance we have.  While he hasn't completely managed this he has figured out how to open the the fence and run out:(.  

He has a couple of toys but his favorite is simply a old dish cloth that he love to chew on it, push it about and hide underneath it.

Lastly I thought I would show a cute video of us giving the little guy a bath.  He really enjoys his baths and we use a special animal shampoo to protect his skin:)


  1. He is adorable! When I researched hedgehogs, it seemed that they were pretty mellow once they got to know you. I didn't do tons of research though. Do you think Sonic is more grouchy than other hedgehogs or is his behavior typical? Does he ever try to bite?

  2. Hi Maureen
    I met with an hedge jog expert and she tells me this behavior of huffing and puffing is quite normal. He is quite relax with us at times but anything can suddenly make him quill up

  3. I love hedgehogs. Your photos are adorable. So much fun learning!

  4. A toothbrush! My kids will love this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I must say it looks like a cute little animal. I don't think I have ever thought of children having one of these. I do think my grandchildren would love one. I don't think it is going to happen in my house; however. Loved the video; this was a fun post.