Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Attending a Hawaiian Lauau

While we were in Hawaii we attended a Hawaiian Luau hosted by the hotel resort.  We experienced Hawaiian crafts, music and dance. all in one evening and had a great time.

We were greeted at the entrance with a shell Lei

While waiting to be seated for dinner there were tons of activities to enjoy and participate in.  Here the children are making orchid wrist lei

Trying our hand at learning to play the Ukulele 

Making a Palm leave head band

Watching a mini show before dinner and hearing lots of hawaiian stories

Getting a demonstration on how local people climb Palm tress with no ladder or shoes

Listening to the couch shells and being called to dinner but first we watch them dig up the pig which had been in the ground cooking the traditional way for 24 hours...oops forgot what they called that.

:)  Our dinner is ready:)

For appetizer we were served traditional poi (purple like pudding which is pretty much tasteless)  Fresh pineapple, seaweed salad and pickled mango and cucumbers.  

Dinner included fried bananas, pork, mahi mahi, fried rice, beef cubes and sweet potato 

Dessert was coconut cake and a jello type coconut square

The evening included a show and we saw fire dances, traditional hawaiian dances and of course there was plenty of jokes and stories regarding the Hawaiian islands

The MC for the night was a singer from the 90's Glen m Medeiros who had the hit song "Nothings gonna change my love for you"  

It was a wonderful evening and the kids had so much fun and it was fun to see their eye opened wide with pleasure while watching the show, since my husband and I had already been to a luau before.


  1. The food looks yummy! Was the pickled mango good? I've never heard of that before? What about the seaweed salad? I don't know if I could eat the pork after seeing the pig's head like that though....

  2. That looks amazing!! Hannah will love to see this as she has a real interest in Hawaii!