Monday, 21 April 2014

Homeschool Photography class

A local studio offered to hold a photography class for a group of homeschoolers. I thought it might be fun for the kids to learn to properly take a photograph and learn how to edit on the computer...a skill I still need to learn:).

Kids got a brief overview of photography and what makes a good picture

They looked at several photos identifying colors and lines and perhaps the story in the photo.
Next the children went out with cameras to a local park and took some photos

we came back to the studio and the kids used the computer to enhance or change their photos to make them unique. 

The kids then used a box of supplies to set up their own photo shoot  using studio lightening

Kids all came up with some pretty creative set ups

MarioFan's picture and he edited it to emphasized the colors he saw

Firedrake's picture and she edited to have a more somber feel, it is almost black and white:)

I thought the kids did a great job on their photos and hope it further sparks their interest in photography because as of right now I take most of the pictures in our house.


  1. They both did an awesome job! You sure do belong to active group! We never have classes like this! Are you making friends now that you've been there a while?

  2. What fabulous pictures! Very arty!
    I'm impressed. Rx