Friday, 14 March 2014

Geography-learning about Biomes

We have wrapped up our unit on Geography.  I am sure there is even more things we should covered but I felt it was time to move on to a different unit.  But the last thing I wanted to cover with the kids was the various Biomes of the world.  First the kids helped me make a Biomes chart to cover what we have learned.  While doing this activity I found out that there is some useful purpose for the computer game minecraft as my kids could already identify more than half of the biomes due to that game:)  The magazine Kids Discover released a freebie of 8 pages read along with a short quiz on biomes that we used as part of our reading along with our science book Real Science 4 Kids.

I wrote down all 10 biomes and the kids and I read thru the descriptions of the biomes and found pictures on the computer that we thought best represented each biome.

the next day as a review we played quick matching games of the pictures to the correct type of biome and glued down our pictures

Next  the kids use the computer to find types of animals that could be found in the biome...we limited it to two animals each due to our space on the poster.

After rereading the descriptions the kids decided how they wanted to write the definition down on the chart that they thought would best explain the biome which I then wrote it down.  The kids wrote in the animals that they found on the chart
Then we hung it up on our school room for future review.  (We corrected the misspelling on the poster:)  
A close up view of our chart
Next I wanted the children to identify where we could find these different biomes, so again using some resources I found on the web we completed a map, color coding the biomes around the world.

We have been using more and more maps in our lessons recently
We have had fun learning about Biomes and are now moving on to study weather and meteorology in our science lessons.


  1. LOVE!!
    Awesome ideas.
    Anna Marie, can you pls post a link to the Real Sci 4 Kids book that you use?We have loads of hands on fun sci, but I am s till looking for a book that is a solid textbook and I hate to say it, I'm tired of constantly searching and running to the lib or online sources for texts. I've not found a sci book I like as of yet. I guess in my 10th year of HSing, I want one book or two that covers a little of everything as our source and then I can take the study off in another direction if they or I want to,
    I found hands of a child lapbook which I really like bc it has facts and info as well as many hands on activities and crafty stuff, which my little guy likes. But I kinda need a break from the lapbook scene too. I love Apologia, love love it. But of course the ever present focus on creation and the Lord is not something that I find endearing, strange as it may sound to some. But we've had this conversation before....

    Thanks friend..great pics!
    I finished my TOS reviews now that I was assigned and while I will miss the ladies on the Crew, I am happy not to have stuff I "need" to write about awaiting! sigh. Back to blogging what I'd like. :)
    Take care and thanks.
    I will come back here to check for the book if that's easier.

    havea good day!

  2. Looks really good, great maps!

  3. This is a really good project. I bet my boys would love to do this. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. We've been learning about biomes too. This is by far the best resource I've found - Movie - Biomes of Our Earth: Major Life Zones -

  5. We've been studying biomes this year too! Actually, my son is studying a year of geography for 9th grade. We're using Oak Meadow, with a traditional text book and everything!

  6. I haven't heard this term before; so I looked it up. Thanks for stimulating my slow learning brain. What can I say; you are a great blog teacher too.
    Blessings and hugs!