Friday, 28 February 2014

Walking tour of a city street

We had an unexpected nice winter's day so we took the kids for a walk on what we have been told is the 10th prettiest street in America...Delmar Loop in St. Louis

There is lots of art along the street 

MarioFan loved the planet walk along the streets.  
We found all the planet signs :)

I love architeture and often take pictures of building when visiting different cities.  This street very much has the  art deco vibe of the 1940-50's
The famous Blueberry hill establishment, where I am told Chuck Berry still plays on occasion.  The sign confirms what I had been told that this street is considered one of the 10 great streets in America:)

old style street lamps were found on the buildings

Some buildings had what appeared to be tile work under the windows.  It was to far up for me to see it clearly but it reminded me of some of the European cities we have been too.

I really like the old style buildings and signs

We were told this is quite famous the original Fritz's which is famous for their root beer.  My daughter is just starting to love root beer and orders quite frequently when out in restaurants:)

There is also a walk of fame section along this street with over 140 stars and plaques about the person and where they were  from and what they contributed to the city.  

Not all were movie stars, some names included were authors, scientists, important people of the city

and of course athletes- although I think baseball was the most dominant:)

Chuck Barry statue 

The city is celebrating its 250th birthday this year and you can find lots of these decorated cakes all over the city.  We found two on this street:)

The old tram car that use to run through the city 
We saw lots of musicians playing on the street, again reminding me of some European cites we have been too.

My husband saw this and had to go inside--he is a huge music lover and I still have a embarrassing large vinyl collection in our home that he just can't part with.  Luckily today we walked out without a purchase:)

You know you are getting old when the kids have never heard of a vinyl record:)  My husband found an old Rush record.  ON a side note if you are studying fashion with your kids take them to a record store.  My daughter was amazed at the changes in fashion in the music industry over the years, it was quite funny seeing her hold up a album cover of some of the older bands:)

45's haven't seen these in years!

Another plus on this street is that it has lots of international cuisine restaurants.  We had lunch at a Mediterranean restaurants and it was quite good.

We had a beautiful day out just walking around the city street.  We saw several restaurants we want to go back and visit:) in the near future.


  1. I wish I could just follow you all around. I hope to be able to travel more when we retire.
    When raising 6 children we didn't travel often or very far. I did go to some wonderful conventions with my Husband for his work and so I have done some tours in a few cities. This looks like a great place to visit.

  2. I have heard that Fitz Rootbeer does field trips. You can watch them make root beer. How fun! Marking this for our next trip to St. Louis :)

  3. Wow! What a fabulous trip! Would have loved to do that one with you....especially the vinyl record store!

  4. Looks like a fun "walk". I had no idea that Chuck Berry was even alive still, much less playing!!!! What is it with guys and their music???? My husband recently had an issue with a group he was looking into during a big company reorg. Ends up a big part of this group was working with playlists. He was so offended and said that he was an "album man". :-) Fortunately, he found his "dream job" in another group.