Monday, 24 February 2014

Making a flannel blanket

Several years ago I made two flannel blankets and I loved them, however now that my kids are getting older I seem to be losing the battle in actually getting to use one of them on these cold winter nights.  So I headed out to the fabric store to buy the kids some material and have them make their own flannel blanket.

You will need 2 and half yards of fabric for one side.  I made mine with a front and back color.  Spread out the blanket on the floor

Place second fabric directly on top of the first fabric 

You need to start by cutting off  4 inch squares from each corner

Should look like this.

Next using sharp scissors (makes life so much easier) start cutting 1 inch strips (I do one side at a time)

Fold the strip over

using your scissors snip a small hole into both fabrics

the old way of doing the blankets was to tie the ends together, but this new way is much nicer looking

sample of what the snip should look like

Thread the double strip of fabric into the hole

pull tight and it will look like this

several done in a row to show you

Firedrake now has her own blanket

so does MarioFan 
Now everyone in the family has their own flannel blanket to curl up in while watching the Olympics on these cold evenings:)


  1. I love this craft. It's perfect for kids.

  2. ooh, snuggly.
    it was 15oC here today...whatever that is in old money - 60ish?
    Still not a flake of snow!

  3. What a fabulous idea, my two would love doing this little project... thank you for sharing.. :-)

  4. We have the blanket problem also. I hate having so many blankets lying around on our couches, but they are always getting used. My son just recently did a service project where they made blankets like this for Children's Hospital.

  5. Nice! :) I like flannel on one side and Minkee on the other side. My little girls and I each have one of these.