Friday, 7 February 2014

Making a Faberge egg -- Russian craft

Since the Olympics is being held in Russia the kids and I have begun a country study and are beginning to learn about Russia.  We did an in-depth study on the Olympics 2 years ago so we are not doing too much on that aspect, just learning more about the country, customs, stories, and history of Russia.  We have watched several you tube videos on the history of Faberge eggs and decided that would be our craft for this country unit.

First I went to the store and purchase a few craft supplies.  

Each child painted a wooden egg a base color.  I found wooden eggs at Michael's which I thought might hold up better than the Styrofoam eggs.
MarioFan chose green which is currently his favorite color

He didn't have a special design in mind but he loved using the Wasi tape and putting on the stickers

MarioFan's completed piece

Firedrake painted hers black, which had me a bit concerned but she had a vision in mind

she hand glue dozens of beads to the bottom of the egg and then used glitter glue on the top

Firedrake's creation she wanted it to be like the Northern lights in her design.  I thought she captured it very well:)

My attempt -- I love joining in with the kids as we create together

We will be continuing our study of Russia and we will enjoy watching the Olympics when it is on:)


  1. Those are great!! We did this with paper machie and tissue paper. I like this idea better :)

  2. These are fantastic! My youngest wants to make these now.

  3. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful! What a lovely craft :-)

  4. I think this is a great time to study about Russia. I loved your egg creations.. Now they can be part of your Easter decorations.
    Loved this one and blessings to all!

  5. I've seen similar eggs in Germany. I wonder how they are different from the Russian eggs?