Friday, 3 January 2014

Hockey Game

We took the kids to see a minor league hockey game over the Christmas break.  My husband loves hockey and really wants the kids to love it too.  I wonder if this counts as PE as while there the kids learned about hockey rules;).  Just for the record I am not a huge sports fan, I go to the games to people watch:)

True story: prior to meeting my husband I dated someone who was a serious sport fan, as in he loved every. single. sport. known.  He could not hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes without bringing it back to sports.  Every date involved some kind of sport activity.  The relationship did not last long, let me tell you.  Shortly afterwards I met my husband and when we got serious  I told him I would not marry any man who spent his entire life in front of the TV watching nothing but sports.  My husband remembers me telling him to pick a single sport and I told him I would support that one team and learn about the game and go to games with him or even watch it on TV with him...but only one sport.  I must have been suffering from PTS disorder from my previous relationship.  I truly don't remember being that harsh, but luckily we can joke about it:).

I didn't realize at the time Hockey has one of the longest seasons of any major league sport:(.  The team my husband supports and is a life long fan of always seems to get knock out of the play offs which occurs in May, so I thought I was home free until I found out I still have to watch the 7 game series to find out who is the champion.  Seriously it takes seven games:)!!!  It should only take one game in my very humble opinion:)  when we were first married, before children, we even subscribe to the hockey channel every year so we wouldn't miss a game.  I have to say, I kept my promise and learned the rules of the game and did my very best to participate in his love of this game.  I will also say my husband kept his part of the bargain and did not force very many other sports into my life...we are a good match:)

When we moved to England finding sport channels that played Hockey was very difficult so my husband decided to watch Rugby and that became his sport of choice.  I embraced his new sport of choice as best I could.   Now that we are back in the states we are back to watching Hockey:).

Zamboni -- my husband wants this to be his retirement job one day:) 

This is the mascot of the minor league team, who we found out that night is in last place and after watching the game we know why:)

We had great seats right next to the glass so could see plenty of action

including checks, fights and the lot.  Kids loved the fact that after a fight the players had to go to the penalty box, I called it the naughty box for fun

Husband loved explaining the rules to the kids and helping them understand the game.  Firedrake was quite thrilled with it.  MarioFan attention span lasted as long as his popcorn bag:(.  So I ended up keeping him occupied.  When he gets bored he loves to make bathroom runs, it drives me crazy.  

During the intermissions the kids got to see handicapped hockey which was pretty neat to see.  

Also saw the games that are play for the audience.

Alas the visiting won the game, which wasn't a big surprise here.
For the record, my husband does watch sports on TV but if it is more than one game a weekend I start to sigh, whine and complain:).  Luckily, he isn't the type to sit in front of the TV all day watching sports, even he can't manage it...or maybe that is because of my training;)


  1. my friend, you have a very cool way of keeping harmony in your home!!!! Hee hee.

  2. Happy New Year from Blog Mommas!

  3. Fortunately for me (and him), my husband doesn't watch sports except for every couple of years when he gets into the World Cup or some other random event. Even then, I sigh and whine and moan. :-) I find the whole thing very annoying and have zero tolerance for it. I don't mind watching some live games though and know the rules for most sports. I don't know the rules for hockey though. I never wanted my kids to play hockey or football, as they both seem to have a high rate of serious head injuries. Of course, now they're saying that soccer players should wear helmets.... I suppose that explains my bad memory, too any years of soccer! :-)

  4. WE are so alike on this one. I grew up in a home where my Dad was the coach for the town baseball a team. I was raised on the baseball field. I had two brothers who played baseball, basketball and football. Of course, we attended their games. While raising our 6 children the boys mainly played soccer and some basketball. One son played baseball too. We have been to what seems like hundreds of games. Now we go to some of our grandchildren's games. Thank heavens that my husband isn't dedicated watcher of games of the TV. He does watch once in a while. I have learned a a lot about the games; so I enjoy watching them sometimes too. However, like you I love to watch people
    This was a fun post and blessings to you!