Monday, 25 November 2013

Visiting a Weather forecast Center

Another recent field trip included a trip to the local National Weather Service Office.  This was one time my husband was a little jealous he had to go to work and miss out on all our fun field trips:)

When we arrived we were taken into a meeting room and given a brief presentation on weather and how forecasters attempt to forecast the weather.   The presenter was quite funny in accepting that they don't always get it right but the reasons are pretty justified.  There are just too many variables and last minute changes in the weather system to predict with 100% accuracy.  I almost felt sorry for the weather forecaster after hearing the process:)

Next we were taken into the work room and shown various computer screen that explained temp,  cold fronts and other things.  I admit I have very little knowledge of this area so some of the things he talked about went right over my head.  I need to bone up on my meteorology skills.

Showing the kids how they change the computer screen to add information.  

Meeting one of the local Meteorologist.  This office is one of five that covers the state of Missouri and is manned 24 hours a day.  Their forecast go out to airports, radio/TV stations, to companies needing information due to their business.  

Kids were told that once while working on reporting and tracking a Tornado in the area, all of the people working had to hide in this small office closet which is outfitted as a storm room, complete with extra thick walls, ceilings and a thick metal door.  

In addition to the tour the children saw several videos of various storms and learned some safety precautions that we can take in the event we are ever in that situation.  For example, during a tornado if caught outside the worst thing to do is run for cover under an overpass.  The overpass acts like a wind tunnel and throws debris up into the rafters of the overpass which is where most people like to try and hide.  While occasionally you might hear of someone surviving there it is not advisable as more are killed and the news doesn't report those incidents.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!!!  Enjoy this time with your family


  1. You all go on the best field trips, this one looks really interesting! Happy Thanksgiving :-)

  2. Looks like a cool field trip! I am so glad I don't live in tornado country. I know a lot of people find earthquakes scary, and they are, but tornadoes scare me much more! Have a awesome Thanksgiving!

  3. What a very fun field trip. I think that studying weather is very interesting. Another great learning moment for all.
    Blessings to you all!