Friday, 1 November 2013

Southwest trip

I am combining several days in this post, because in several locations we were told we could not take pictures or only use the pictures for personal use and I am not sure a blog counts.  So I am trying to be respectful to these locations.  We read in many places that when on a Indian reservations you are required to follow their rules regarding photos and filming,  and they will confiscate your camera, phone,  and camcorder  and not return it, if you break these rules.  I have no problem with this rule.   As a family we saw on at least 3 occasions tourist paying no heed to these warnings and blatantly photographing or impeding on the Native Indians on their grounds.  I am teaching my children that you must be respectful in every situation and not be intrusive with photos or even questions.  It can be difficult for my kids when I say "no you can't climb on that or take a picture of that", when they see others ignoring signs and doing just what I said they couldn't do.  This is one of my pet peeves when traveling around, people not being respectful of the places they visit:(.  We don't find it just here int he states but also when we lived abroad.

A snap shot of Firedrake sleeping in the camper

MarioFan--it got cold in Santa Fe:)

We were in the area at the time of the Balloon feast.  We didn't  get up super early to see the balloons take off, but we did see them in the sky when driving.  It was a beautiful sight.  We were told that many people get to the grounds at 3 or 4 am to watch the balloons take off.  That was way too early (and cold) for us:)

We stopped by the Pueblo Indian Cultural center in Albuquerque.  Pictures were not allowed inside but we read stories of the Indian children being forced away from their families to learn to live like white men, forced to give up their religions, clothes, way of life.  My kids said it sounded an awful like what the Europeans did to the Aborigines in Australia.  History repeating itself:(  In this picture Firedrake is taking part in a friendship dance

Kids got to try Indians drums

We saw several dances, This one was the Eagle dance

The buffalo dance

Next we went to Sandia Peak and took a tram car to the top

Looking at the one coming back down as we are going up.

When we got to the top there was a very nice hiking trail.  I have tons of pictures but I will spare you:)
We stopped by the Rio Grande river where we found the picnic area closed due to the government shut down:(

Since we read about the the Rio Grande when we studies Mexico last year, the kids were excited to see it....

and throw stones into it

We found a metaphoric rock, Quartzite, to add to our rock collection at home!

Next we drove over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  Kids wanted to walk across

We made it about 2/3 across before my fear of heights kicked in and I took a quick pictures and made the kids go back.  They were not amused with my phobia:(
We also stopped by the Taos Pueblo's.  It is over 1000 years old and there are  pueblo people still living here!  With no electricity, or running water.  This was so interesting and I wish I could show you more but due to rules of photo, I can't.  I showed you this one as it is already on their website.  If you are ever in the Taos area make sure you stop by and learn about these amazing structures and the people

Our reasons for going to the southwest was to see the cliff dwelling and the pueblo dwellings as we are beginning to study this period in our history lessons.  But due to the govt shut down the National Parks were closed so we couldn't get into Bandolier, Chaco canyon or Mesa Verde:(   However we found some private one on Indian reservations that we could visit and I will post more about those later :)

I have to share these last few photos, first we had a hail storm while in Santa Fe!

My husband had to go outside and recuse our camping chairs:)  His is getting pelted here hence the strange look he is given me.  He endures pain so I can get a picture...
 We were so excited to find real English cider in Taos.  I have been looking everywhere for English cider because frankly the American cider just does't measure up.  I tried to talk the restaurant into letting me buy a few bottles to take back to the camper but he couldn't because of a silly law:).  Then I made my husband drive to at least 3 local liquor stores in the hope they stock it, but none did:(
We drove up into the mountains and it was snowing!  Kids loved it and couldn't wait to throw snowballs

This was near Taos the pine trees were covered in snow and ice.  

While on this trip we had some of the best Mexican food!  We loved this area so much we are adding it to our possible list of places to retire in 10-15 years and it isn't just because they sell English cider although  that seems like a perfectly good reason to me:)!


  1. Looks like you had quite a trip! Snow! What fun for the kids! If that bridge freaked you out, then I know it would have freaked me out. I'm not sure I could even have gone on it at all. Love Firedrake's "I Can and I Will" shirt! Seems to sum up her personality, in that nothing seems to scare her at all, heights, bearded dragons, etc.

  2. Looks fabulous...I can just imagine martin's comments after the hail episode! Made me laugh aloud!!
    Glad your liquor habit was indulged for a day....just tried to find the cider on the Goodwoods site, but no joy. They do have Brown Betty teapots though!
    I think you'll have to learn to make your own hard cider.....everyone does it here, it seems, especially after our bumper apple harvest. Will find a recipe for you!

  3. Love the pictures!! Great adventures overseas and now even more great adventures :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!! What a fantastic trip xx

  5. Wow, love this post and you know how much the west captivates me!
    So much to take in...when/if we do go back this summer ( first I have to get thru gr6 and 9! algebra is killing me.....) I'll be coming back to jot down a few of your activities to get ideas.
    I can't believe you were there during the balloon fest. Amazing.....
    Fantastic trip....
    Thx for sharing,...your kids look like they're having an amazing time. What memories.!

    BTW I sent you a frnd req on FB...I did not know you were there,,,,I knew you had a page for your blog tho, but not a personal page.

    Have a great day and enjoy!